Chapter 44

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Justin’s Point of View:

“What’s wrong with you?” Kelsey asked me the moment I stepped out of my car and walked over to her.

I mentally cursed the way she was able to notice the smallest things about me. For example, when my mood changes, she feels it.

I limply shrugged, cradling an arm around her shoulders. “Nothing.”

A heavy sigh escaped her perfect, heart shaped lips. I inwardly licked my own, wanting to feel them pressed against mine.

“You always say that every time I ask.” She mumbled.

“So, why do you keep asking if you know that’s going to be my answer?” I chuckled, squeezing her into my side.

She rolled her eyes. “Because sometimes, I wish, you’d just be open with me instead of lying all the time.”

I frowned, pulling away from her. “Whoa there babe, I never lied to you.”

“Yes, you did and you still do.” She stated a matter-of-factly. “Every time I ask you what’s wrong, when, for your information, I know there’s something bugging you, you always tell me it’s nothing when I know there’s something. I’ve been with you long enough to tell when you’re not exactly being truthful.”

“Oh yeah?” I chuckled once more. “What makes you think I’m lying now?” I stared down at her with amusement.

“Well, for starters, you slammed your car door shut when you got out and if I’m not mistaken, you nearly killed me for doing that. You treat your cars as if they’re your prize possession and second,” She held up two fingers. “You had this look on your face like you want to run somebody over.”

I nodded my head, impressed at her analogies. “Not bad,” I smirked. “Not bad at all.”

She smiled in achievement.

“But,” I held a finger up, causing her to furrow her brows in confusion. “What makes you think I never lied when I had a straight face on? I mean, let’s be honest babe, when you live in the lifestyle I do, lying is your middle name.” I cheesed down at her. “Besides, it’s way early in the morning. Do you honestly expect me to be happy about that?”

“I just…” She pursed her lips, shifting her weight to one side, “know you weren’t lying.”

I decided to play with her some more. “Well, maybe, when I told you some things, I was lying. I mean, how would you know I wasn’t?”

I could tell I had gotten to her slightly because she began fumbling on her feet, trying to think of how to respond to me. “Maybe I lied when I said you’re sexy.” I grinned.

She let out a small gasp. “You did not!”

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