Chapter 13

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My eyes widened as I looked down to see him clutching his side. “What in Gods name happened to you?” I shrieked, loud enough for him to hear but quiet enough for my mom not to.

He shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal. That idiot. “Nothing.”

I arched a brow. “How stupid do you think I am?” I laid a hand on my hip.

He smirked. “Do you really want me to answer that?”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re an ass.”

He laughed before wincing and clutching his side even more.

I ran over to his side, leaning down as I gently pressed to his side. “Seriously Justin, what happened?” I looked up at him.

“Nothing.” He repeated himself again.

I pressed down onto his side again, this time, harder.

He winced once more. “Fuck, that hurts Kelsey. Careful.” He seethed through gritted teeth.

“I know.” I gave him a pointed look. “Now, tell me what happened or I’ll push it again, this time, even harder.” I narrowed my eyes.

“You’re bluffing,” He mumbled.

I gave him a look that read oh-really? while pressing down on his side like I said I would before.

He pushed my hand away, moving back. “Dammit Kels. Jesus,” He hissed.

I shrugged. “I told you I would do it and I won’t hesitate to do it again.” I leaned in to his side, when he backed away as quick as his body would let him.

“Alright, alright!” He groaned. “I’ll tell you, just back the fuck up first.” He waved his hands, gesturing me to move back. I did.

“Okay.” I crossed my arms against my chest. “Now, spill.”

He leaned against the wall still holding onto his side. “You know that bastard we bumped into back at the diner?”

I thought back, remembering the tall, brown haired, green eyed guy. I nodded in response to his question.

“Well after I dropped you off here, I went back at my place and you know, the guys were there. We chilled and shit when Bernie said we had unsettled business up at the territories--”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

He sighed. “They’re places lined up that belong to different gangs but they’re all separated. It‘s where most of the business deals and shit go down.”

I nodded once more, this time, in understanding.

“I walked near The Kings territory slot and Luke, the guy at the diner, was there and of course the damn prick thinks he can start shit with just anyone and get away with it.” He growled lowly in anger. “The piece of shit started talking mad crap then he began throwing his fists everywhere. I dodged the first hit and struck him in the jaw. He regained himself and hit me in the stomach, I doubled over and he slapped me in the back. I shook it off and punched him to the ground, slamming my foot into his back where he ended up tossing me off and kicking me in the face and ribs. By the time I had a chance to get a hit on him again, he pulled out a knife and stabbed me in the side--”

My mouth gaped open in shock.

“--when his guys pulled him off and said they had shit to deal with.” His eyes shaded over in a deadly manner, the tension rising in him.

“So they just left you there?” I questioned, my eyes wide in horror that someone would do that. I mean, I know people of capable of being heartless but damn..

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