Factish # 160

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As one grows they become more aware of their mistakes. -My instructor.

My instructor's say is true.
Yes, in martial arts you do improve greatly. However, as you progress, you also see your flaws.

A goal is good, and that's good. Giving my own experience, I only got a eye opener at brown belt (I've discussed my TKD belt levels already) when I had a private lesson with one of my instructors with my form.

All of a sudden there was a gazillon goals for me.
Hand foot timing
Last minute flipping hand over
Relaxing myself
Good posture
Looking at the target
The shape of a punch

You get the point... Some of these are minor too. Still somethings like that separate a gold medal from a no medal, or a belt advance to staying the same belt.

I still have many many many goals more than this. I was being broad, really broad on things like stances too.

I'll admit, this is more of a rant... Still, I think Soo Bahk Doo is smarter than most. Perfection is a word a human can never be. Sad, but true.

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