Facts #198 & 199

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I'll save my cool little rant\fact for later.

Northern Shaolin has a lot of myths inside of it, because it's founder was a Buddhist monk. One of China's most prized beverages also has a legend connecting to a monk. Tea, and the way it happened -this is a myth- is a Buddhist monk was traveling to spread his teaching. He came upon a Shaolin temple, and to show his devotion, meditated for 9 years with his eyes open, and without food and water. Later he tried to do this feat again, but his eyes drooped and he fell sleep. Angered by his lack of decipline, he cut both his eye lids off. When his eye lids fell to the ground however a small green plant appeared. And that was tea.

Fact # 199
At one point Jujitsu was a secret only to be used by the solider class of Japan. Of course, now it has spread. In Japan, there is hardly anyone who doesn't have at least elementary knowledge of it.

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