fact # 118

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As I stated one fact ago. Back leg front kick is one of the most common attacks. Back leg kicks can be dangerous though. Especially front kicks. Front kicks opens your belly up to kick. As my instructor says," don't show the whole pizza." A advantage is that front kicks have lots of power.

But because your opening yourself, and doing a backleg front kick, then people will see your kick a mile away. Meanwhile your stuck trying to kick the person, when all of a sudden you get hit.

Back leg front kicks make you put your foot on you front leg,something very dangerous to do. For reason that you can get sweeped. That, and most people don't retract.

People don't pull back their leg and just land putting all weight... On your front leg. In this position you can't kick with your front leg. Also, most of the time your leaning forward. Making you a even easier target.

I did it jodiejosie! I'm pround! Jodie thx for the advice your awesome

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