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Fact # 181

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A lot of people probably know what ground and pound is and it's really really brutal if anyone couldn't tell. There is my workout version and the MMA and some other martial arts version. On TKD you get a Wave Master or Bob (a rubber dummy) and put it on it's side. Then you set a timer (or not) get on top of it and beat the crap out it the Wave Master wuth elbows, knees, punches, all without stopping with can extert a lot of energy from you surprisingly (if you don't stop and actually try your best)

Then there is the MMA version (I say MMA because that's a well known "martial art.") It's similar, actually very similar but you have to force the other fighter to the ground (because unlike a wave master a human is a living thing that fights) and put you in a postion where they can't retaliate very well at all. Then you resume to beat the crap out of the fighter with elbows, formarm strikes etc.

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