fact #25

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Funny random but very good lesson story I was told by my instructor today. There was this guy in a shop who knew a martial arts instructor and did something funny but well let us say it didn't work out well.

First thing he said was punch at him and said, "Block this karate man!" I'm not sure the details 100% why the heck he threw a punch, but all I remember is that the instructor was in his uniform.

So can you guess what happened? Yes the instructor did block it naturally, because 1. He shouted it aloud, and B. The instructor is used to blocking automatically. In the progress of blocking though that person who threw the punch ended up with a broke arm. Instructors block hard. If you are a instructor, then you are very good at a martial art.

So the life lesson? DON'T PUNCH AT RANDOM PEOPLE BECAUSE BAD STUFF CAN HAPPEN! For lack of better words anyways. . . -.-

  Oh right, the fact. Unless you are learning full brutal street fighting, it's always a good idea to block first. By that I mean block if you are intervening in a fight to stop and they attack you. If someone charges at you like a crazy freak, well you have two opinions. Move to the side or attack.  

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