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Wattpad Tips And Hacks by Get_Recognised
Wattpad Tips And Hacksby Get Recognized
Do want more reads, followers,votes and comments? Or maybe you want to know how to make your writing perfect, well this is the place for you!
  • writing
  • wattpadhacks
  • helpfultips
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Facts about Martial arts by Kick_high_dragon
Facts about Martial artsby Dead Account
A lot of facts about a ton of martial arts I get most of this from the internet so I don't take credit for most of this. (read no credit for all of it) This book curren...
  • martialarts
  • self-defense
  • internetfacts
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Common Fanfiction Mistakes by CaptainKogami
Common Fanfiction Mistakesby Ash
My personal thoughts an opinions on common writing mistakes I see in fanfiction.
  • helpfulwritingtips
  • helpfulguide
  • commonmistakes
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Tips on Boys by ThatNarryLife
Tips on Boysby ThatNarryLife
I've heard some of you had been having trouble with boys. Then read these helpful tips and trust me you'll be a pro before you know it ;)
  • tips
  • boys
  • advice
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Beauty by BalancedTeen
Beautyby Advisor
The Beauty book talks about Skin care, Beauty tips,how to's and skin advise
  • advice
  • help
  • beauty
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Best WattPad Books by AwkoMia
Best WattPad Booksby AwkoMia
Hey It's Mia here so since I enjoy reading WattPad so much like I suppose you all do I got the idea to make a book talking about my favorite books and what I consider th...
  • great
  • information
  • goodbooks
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Tips, Facts and Psycho Rants  by _ninelie_u
Tips, Facts and Psycho Rants by Lizzy A.U.
A book full of tips on everyday stuff, facts about different things, and rants about Wattpad clichés.
  • random
  • humor
  • funny
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Story prompts  by LePotatoeSloth
Story prompts by AkriTheShifter
I take requests and make my own. Just comment or message me and a prompt will be written for you. Moat time it will take for them to be written is two days.
  • characterdescription
  • helpfultips
  • storyprompts
Heroine ✎ how to's&rants by Clearlygalaxy
Heroine ✎ how to's&rantsby —Jennie
✐| ❝ how to's and rants about applyfics ❞ -don't get butthurt | ✐
  • ranting
  • advice
  • howto
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Tips and Benefits of Role Playing by Books_and_fandoms27
Tips and Benefits of Role Playingby May Flower
New to interactive story telling or a seasoned role player? Think of getting into it? Here are some tips to improve your role playing and some benefits of participating.
  • roleplaybenefits
  • helpfultips
  • tips
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How to: Write  by isabelgijsbers11
How to: Write by isabel
Tips and tricks for writing a believable story
  • helpful
  • writingtips
  • romance
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Helpful tips (wsow) by rory_17
Helpful tips (wsow)by AJ SwagMaster
This is gonna be very similar to the Worst Story on Wattpad bc I can't write
  • joke
  • wattpad
  • slays
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Simple Writing Lessons by WritersEssentials
Simple Writing Lessonsby Kristen Rafferty
Simple writing lessons and tips for those who need it most. These lessons range in topic and I'm constantly adding new ones. I hope these lessons help you in some way. T...
  • writing
  • tips
  • advice
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How To Write A Story VOLUME 1 by HereToHelp37
How To Write A Story VOLUME 1by HereToHelp37
I will help you guys figure out how you should start a story off. This is the first book to help kick off a story. I will give you guys a walkthrough to complete a great...
  • novelwriteingtips
  • novel
  • random
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helpful tips ! by teaboiii
helpful tips !by hoet
just some helpful advice(:
  • tips
  • skincare
  • usefuladvice
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Self Help Book by kendragoodnight
Self Help Bookby Star Child
Okay guys, I knwo that I do this a lot and it's kind of annoying, but I really don't like writing on this tiny box, so the first chapter is going to be the explanation (...
  • helpfultips
  • lovethemirror
  • selfhelp
How to be royalty (God's way) by SapphieTheWriter
How to be royalty (God's way)by Suziann Malcolm
Many times, we recite the words from the bible, saying we're a 'Royal Priesthood' and some times we even stake claim to it. Does any of us know what it really means to b...
  • reference
  • philosophy
  • kingdom
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Tips for the Day! by KitKatTheDancer
Tips for the Day!by Katy Flannery
Daily tips! (Unless of course I'm on Vacation or something, I will post this everyday) Since I'm SO good at giving advice, I decided to share my daily tips to each and e...
  • cuzican
  • helpfultipsbykaty
  • ipromiseyouwontregretreadingthis
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Things that Wattpad Readers and Writers hate  by AnimeLover-2018
Things that Wattpad Readers and Wr...by AnimeLover-2018
This is just a book for the people that are dealing with harsh and mean criticism. And for the writers that don't like having to put up with other Wattpad readers, who t...
  • advice
  • helpfultips