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FACT # 200

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Guess what... I'm not dead yay! I know I've been lazy and busy. And I've been editing... and still have to edit more.

Hi guys, it is nice to be not dead. But I've got a life now, (School got  lot harder suddenly -.-) and I really don't want to put more pressure on myself by releasing the new book. It's not that I'm running out of facts (The words Martial Arts expand into a huge plain of information) , it's just that I have trouble finding some TRUE facts that I think are interesting to you guys. For anyone that doesn't know I have other books that I'm writing and editing currently too, and it's easier (In my opinion) to edit them. Also, in FAMA one I wrote the majority of my facts on a mobile device. Therefore there is a BUNCH of typos.

  Editing, expanding, and just outright getting rid of some terrible facts is a pain in the butt. I care about your reading experience and readers who are later on reading this. If I really wanted to, I could just pick out some typos, and never mess with this book or release the second book. (Although seeing how long it's taking me to edit it seems like I'm never going to release it. -.-)

  On a brighter side, I don't really like how jumbled up FAMA 1 is so I have a slightly new set up for FAMA 2.

Fact #

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More facts the better for you and maybe for me! When I do it the facts will all be on the same topic that I choose. A example is if I decided to talk about Kyokushin. Then I would list facts about kyokushin. I feel like this is a slightly more organized way.

 A fun little fact that I said earlier and teased it.

 My instructors went to a elementary school and taught a single simple standard white belt class. Just so my instructors could introduce kids into Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo, and maybe they want to go to the actual school and enroll. The interesting part was that there was a student (Maybe transfer?) who was Korean and was most likely fluent because he could read it. One of my instructors came up to the boy and showed him his belt.

  If you don't know, in Tiger Rock when you reach Second Degree you get a belt with the words Tae Kwon Do on the right side in Korean Script. So my instructor (he's actually a 5th degree) showed the Korean script and asked if he could read it. I'm guessing he's fluent because he did read it as Tae. Kwon. Do. I don't know about you but I think that's pretty darn interesting.

Let us get on to the dedication now.
LynnTheNinjee does a amazing taekwondo diary, ans personally I think people should check it out. (NOTE, I believe at this point Lynn is unactive but her Taekwondo Diary Still exists. If you want a small insight in Taekwondo maybe you should read it.)

TheBeast2100 actually does a martial art, and not sure if I've already dedicated him already as TheBeastNakota and he actually does  several martial arts. He's corrected me several times in my books. You can check him out, but the majority his stuff is anime. (Short answer: Japanese cartoon)  
RicherdLapthorn thank you for correcting me and my crappy research when I was wrong on facts. I'm not very intelligent.

Errr, I believe that's it. Oh yes, and once again I am stealing a set up form some one a bit. The author of Random Warrior facts, I forget his\her name. As always I allow myself to actually put a video unrelated on a special fact if I want, so check that out. It's my new favorite nightc ore song!

 Taekwondo translated loosely.

This is what it looks like in google translate

In some websites have different meanings than others...

 On this website it says Tae is to strike with the foot

 Kwon is to strike with the hand

 Doe is the way of life

 I got this from a place that is a taekwondo place and it shows more vocabulary than I have ever seen so I think it is trustworthy. It is also a place that is from a TKD school, so yep.

 "What makes an incredible martial artist is their level of indomitable spirit "- Anonymous

Indomitable spirit means never ending enthusiasm. Everyone can test and do forms, do whatever they want rally, but it doesn't really patyoff if you do not pay attention or are not interested in it. There is not any point in doing a martial art or anything really if you hate it or take no interest in it. That is also why many people drop out of taekwondo or other things, because they have no interest in it.

 For anytime I change a fact completely, I will send out a notification. FAMA l l will be out depending on how long I take time into editing.



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