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fact # 177

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(Most of you know when I say I'm going to stop uploading for a while and I still upload. Well to be honest, I feel like I NEED to do it sometimes or like it's been three days while it's in reality it has only been one day. Long story short, I worry for some reason. It's just a habits)

Fact! I found this one quite interesting. Apparently in Ninjutsu females get a red belt before black while males got a green belt. In TKD red symbolizes danger because it's right before black but this takes on a meaning slightly altered. Extra danger is what ot symbolized but females were not considered fighters a long time ago. Therefore they learned to use their sexality. AKA be more visual. A whole LOT more visual. To catch males off guard...

Also, Kunoichi means females ninja in Janpanese. And Kunoichi is in pokemon Conquest . Ugh. Here is the image, its not very graphic.

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