fact # 65

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Certain types of wooden boards are easier to break then hard plastic boards. (FACT) The reason why is because you can hit a wooden board not in the middle and always have a chance to still break it. The "plastic" (I do not mean like a piece of plastic from a bag or something) board is different, as if the board is higher than your age level (in my taekwondo your board level is USUALLY- there is expectations- ranked by age. Like blue board which is the equivalent around 1.15 of a board is of for women= 15+) then it will be much harder and you would have to be much more precise in a LOT of things. Such as,

hand and foot timing

hitting it in the middle

going through the board

starting in a good stance

not hitting your board holders fingers (It hurts! I feel sorry for the people holding my board when I did it to them. This is not a reason why) I just realized this turned into a rant. Well, in other cases there is different types of wood...

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