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MMA, mixed martial arts consist of \ Taekwondo, Boxing, and more with sometimes a mix of street fight.

Also note that MMA is NOT a martial art. It's a sport that mixes martial arts together, but is in competition stuff. There is nothing unique about MMA that sperate it from another martiala rt therefore it is just martial arts put together and not a real martial art. Although, I've also been told that it is one....
It can be any martial art but these above are the most common as long as it follows the pattern of a octagon. Thank you for TheBeastNakota and richerdlapton.

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 Sorry for copy pasting TheBeastNakota, I've had so much trouble with this fact I figure someone who knows more about it might as well say it.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) And UFC Is Not The Only MMA Company

UFC's Cage Is Just Called The Octagon( It's Copyright) There's Bellitor Pride Strikeforce.

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