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 This fact focuses a bit more on self defense than usual. The most thrown techniques on the street  are shown to be the step up step together long slow swingy hooking punch, a back leg front kick, and a back leg front kick with a front arm punch. This of course, is taking into consideration that they don't do something not so taekwondo-like.

  The long hooking punch to the side of the head is seen in Hollywood SOOOOOOOO often and while stuff like that looks cool (and the actors for the most part almost always actually know what they are doing) it may not look nearly as good in real life. While a punch like this can work if you are unaware of danger it's probably one of the worst attacks to use.

  Back leg front kicks can be useful. Extremely useful in fact, because if you hit them in the knee all of a sudden they are a lot shorter and easier to hit in the head. But front leg kicks are so much quicker and the knee specifically (or the lower area overall) is sensitive to a hard kick of a shoe. It's very common because again, Hollywood but maybe that person has seen just a little more than Hollywood. Just a little though, because using your back leg to attack unlike what is thought, can be less powerful and obviously takes more time to reach the target. And you will also see no retraction. As in pulling the knee back, and instead letting it fall to the ground. Which leaves the good ole nice inside of the knee to hit and your opponent suddenly is in one of the worst positions possible to be in. I call it the lazy kick.

 A front kick and punch is someone who actually may know what he or she is doing. MAY know. As common and simple as the punch and kick are as beginner techniques they can be powerful if used well. The kick first, and then the foot. Of course, the punch won't really do anything if they don't hit you before the foot lands. (hand and foot timing) And the person will have to stretch to get you if you move back after the kick making your opponent go straight into that bad position again with all the weight on the front leg.

 With the power of copy paste, here is probably the most common attacks on the street. Some of which I don't consider "attacks." 

 Wrist/Arm Grabs.

 Lapel or collar grab.

 Lapel Grab and Sucker Punch.

Front Choke.

Rear Choke.

Roundhouse Punch.

 Front Bear Hug.

Rear Bear Hug.

Side Headlock and Punch.

Hair Pull.

Charge and Tackle.

Front Headlock.

Rear Strangle Hold.

Overhead Strike with Weapon.

Bad Guy In Mount (straddling the chest),

Victim's (Woman) Hands Pinned To Ground.

 Ground and Pound from the Mount Position.

Choke From Mount Position.

Choke From Guard Position (Man in between woman's legs, on the ground).

 First In-First Out (attacks when victim is first going in or first coming out of a car, garage, house, etc.).

 Bear Hug From Rear

I'm probably the only one who didn't know what a lapel was.

Lapel- the part on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar that is folded back on either side of the front opening.

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