fact # 121

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In Taekwondo we are expected to be loud most of the time. Why? Yelling saying yes sir\mam shows respect and they know that you get what your doing.

I know I've been talking a lot about self defense. Anyways, sometimes when fighting a person yelling really loud can surprise them. Catch them off guard. And do exactly what they don't want to happen, attract attention.

Yelling also in self defenseish terms, when  you get caught and don't know what to do, especially in public place like walmart, knock stuff down, yell, scream, do what ever to get attention to you. It may save your life, even if it's not strategic. Hollywood makes everything look cool, but keep in mind that almost nothing in Hollywood movies you would probably do in real life.

Your best thing to do is run away. That is by far, the best defense. It's better to not get involved then have to fight and getting a chance of getting hurt.

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