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It's here! So upon AnotherSpaceSloth request, I held off his martial art he loves until 150 facts lol. So, Soo Bakh Do. What's important is I talk more about this than most. (Note that avoid getting my stuff from Wikipedia usually.)

Soo Bahk Doo Moo Duk Kwan is it's full name. Soo Bahk Doo is the martial art part and Moo Duk Kwan is the style it's self. It's a Korean Martial art also. Correct me if am wrong AnotherSpaceSloth

Soo Bahk Doo translates to combat with hands and feet, although it can go into much further detail.

The other part, Moo Duk Kwan translates to institute of martial virtue.

Soo Bahk Doo has lots, and lots of versatility. It uses the whole body not just the fist and the foot.

The uniform in Soo Bakh Doo is a single style white uniform.

The ranks for "color belts" or Gup belts is white, orange, green, red.

Unlike most martial arts the black belt is called a Midnight Blue belt. The rank after that is a midnight blue belt and a red stripe across it.

The reason why Soo Bahk Doo doesn't use black bekt is because black means perfection, but like all styles of martial arts, there is no such thing as perfect. There is always something you have to work on evn if it's a microscopic detail that's wrong, therefore Soo Bahk Doo uses a Midnight blue belt.

Each belt rank represents something.
White represnts that you are new, and white snow hids your potential. This is connected with the season Winter.
Orange represents Early spring, as your like a flower almost blooming, growing.
Green represents Spring when all the snow is gone. You have bloomed and shown a promise of whats to come.
Red represent that you are producing fruits, made from a huge dedication. It also represents Yang, which is the active force.
Midnight Blue represent Autumn, and harvest. You have reached perceptible maturity. The fact that it is Midnight Blue means a passive force.
Mindnight Blue with Red stripe represents the balance between the active force and passive force, and finding harmony.

Bahk Soo Doo was offically made in November 9, 1945 by Grand Master Hwang Kee.

Okay, I may add more upon AnotherSpaceSloth's request. This is the first time I've actually done a thing on martial arts so feel free to ask questions about Soo Bahk Doo and I'll add them.
Oh yea,I reached 7k reads. Thanksssss! And 300 reads on fact 1. Yea!!!!

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