Fact # 125

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Its fact # 125! That means that it's a special fact. So this time I will give you advice. I'm not sure if I have already said this... But you can practice your form with no hand moves. It helps your stances, because you have your hands behind your back, making stances easier to find how bad or good it is.

Also, since if you haven't noticed... I try to update once for twice a day. And, since it's a special fact, I will tell you stuff in Korean! Some of this may be seem in a other earlier fact.
Sejahk- begin
Go Mahn-Stop
Do jang- TKD gym
Bahro- return to chu be stance.

Also, a chu be stance is your feet out, slightly bent,as in barely. Your stance should be the length of your shoulders. Another simple stance I can explain is the attention stance. Feet together. Arms by your side. Looking straight ahead.
The end lol

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