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fact # 163

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Just because your a high rank on the belt lineage doesn't mean your ready for the real world.

Don't get cocky. I assure you, we are pround (usually) as humans, but being a black belt (in most styles) doesn't exactly mean that your ready to defend yourself against someone who is going to attack you and push you against a wall.

In Hamudo for example. There is a lot of sets. Yet, I practice them, someone grabs you, and you jsut do the move.

But the real world someone isn't going to do that. They are not going to jsut walk over acting all cool, grab your hand, and wait for you to do sonething.

Just don't be like

I can beat anyone! Now come at me bro! Someone!

Even though I was like that at blue belt. How arrogant I was.....

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