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fact # 187

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As per requested by @Ashley Martin I will be covering some self defense and try not to repeat everything, and this fact will be pretty long considering it's kinda a rant I think?

Of course there is no rules. Every strike in tournament sparring (of TKD) is a point in real life. I don't know if I've already said this but, Hollywood isn't dependable. It's entraining, and because that I know TKD I can identify certain techniques, but don't don't depend on Hollywood. You better of watching w video on self defense or what martial art you want.

So while self defense is good, and it may seem silly at first or at all times (especially when you're against your instructor), but ou should yell really really loud, "GET AWAY FROM ME." That ill attract attention, and it it somehow catches your attacker off guard then run. If it doesn't and the attack is stupidly just grabbing your wrist, pull against your attacker's thumb (as it is weaker than the four fingers) to escape. It works really well.

If your opponent is intent on taking you or destorying you clearly attack them. With your elbows (or forearm

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