FACT # 100

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Finally here. So HAPPY!
When I hit 1k(which isn't much considering this is an fact book) I was somewhere in the 80s. Facts. But there is a reason I save stuff for this. Anyways 2k veiws yay! (Meanwhile looking for my stinkin red belt. ) But yea.

Am soooooooo happppyyyyyy. I never expected people to actually read something that's not like percy jackson, harry potter, or pokemon, or something. Anyways I dedicate this fact to three people who are probably completely unaware of this or my existence. Except the 3rd one.

gina_the_dragon made me find wattpad and to write here.(without trying lol.)
AangTheAvatar Who does thing you didn't know about. I basically copied his style lol.

And last but not least! crystalkeepers for being my first follower, and constantly (unless crystal leaves wattpad) keeping up with this book.

I also thank DisneyNerd92lil_me_vs_the_worldTurquoiseRose1761MichelleShells_lolAshleyMartin946 for supporting me without knowing. I planned on quitting this book arounf fact 40 but I'm continuing it. So yea. The people who I thanked (not dedicated) besides crystal follow me, and I follow them! Go everyone!

Now I may take a small break or not from this book! But yea. Anyways update on TKD, I got a silver medal in sparring in a Nationals tournament. I still plan on never quitting although eventully I will probaly quit:(

Now I will tell you that I litterly just realized I missed fact 94. I just published it. So yea enjoy! I'm soooo happy. Also, besides the fact that I love martial arts.. I also love beautiful music and I love Pokemon. Now here I will show you the most beautiful song I think! Above, it's a video.

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