fact # 108

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Now I know that this isn't fact 25, but it's another story that I couldn't wait to share and I would forget it when I get to fact 25. When a bpoy became a green belt he said to his dad "Guess what daddy!"
Dad: "What son?"
Son: "I can hit people!"
Dad: "Good for you!"
When he got back from class.
Son: "Guess what daddy?"
Dad: "What son?"
Son: "People tried to hit me!"
Then the dad laughed. It's a funny story in my opinion, but some don't share my humor. Anyways here is your fact. I'm not doing a factish this time yay!
In most TKDs(not sure about all) you start sparring at green belt, without contact(until blue in my TKD not exactly sure.

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