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Okay, yea I need help on expanding this fact probably. Yea... I know I've already said that I never thought people would read this book, but now it's reached 9k reads! (I really shouldn't be getting excited.) Yayyyyy!!!!!!!

Not so much a fact, but I'm on Google + as Kick high dragon and that's it really. I'm a sad person... So, am going to be narcissistic and talk about ME! (Because this fact seems really awkward so far.)

My TKD is Tiger Rock but you already knew that. The tiger is our symbol (not mascot) to show that we learn to strike hard and fast. Before my TKD was Tiger Rock we were ITA which is where the Tiger came from.

I think I've already said this but my style of TKD (yes there is styles) orginated from Chung Do Kwan who learned from Won Kuk Lee. Our basic instructor lineage is Mr, and Mrs Instructer (I'd prerfer to keep them anonymous) Grand Master Baylie, and Craig Kollers. Within that is also Bert Kollers and Art Monroe.

After testing for 3 degree lvl 4 and getting that you have to be 16 (the required age for testing for 4th degree) and you perform in front of the Masters. (6th degree or above) Very intimidating. You also can only test 2 times a year, one at the spring nationals and one at the Summer Worlds.

For board breaking in regular testing you break boards at blue belt. You break one board. When you reach red belt you break two boards. When you become a 2nd degree you break 3 when your a 3rd degree you break 4. .

Before we did the Ho-am form we did traditional forms. Now we do the Ho am form which is your cotta expanding. (Video.)

That's it for know. Until someone tells me to expand on this fact (which please I will if so). Bye bye!

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