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Ok people I'm going to go ahead and say, sorry for lack of updates, especially on my absol fiction story(that no longer exist). I've got a really busy week and will try to update normally on this, and like one chapter during the weekday. Sorry! Anyways special thingy.

Ok, tell me if you know anyone who takes a martial art, or knows something based off a martial art that I haven't listed. Who knows I might put it up on my book! So since I don't have a story for you I'm just going to tell stuff about me I guess.....

I do taekwondo, and on Saturdays am there from 9:00am to 2:00 pm.

My tkd has a program where we do tricks and stuff. We also get to use weapon (not sharp) for performance, currently doing sword(if reading later than July 2015 or something I am probably no longer doing sword and rather another weapon)

I go everyday except Sunday, because there closed.

My first book was a fiction story I deleted, but then my mom and dad were trying to guess what it was about, my dad said martial art? That inspired me to write (or type lol) this.

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