Fact # 105

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I bring up kyokushin too much but oh well. Normal ( I mean full on contact till you fall to the ground, without gear) sparring in kyokushin is for newbies.(in this martial art) So clearly since people think that beating the crap out of someone isn't enough how about 10 man sparring!?
That's right I said it 10 man sparring. Basically the same as normal kyokushin sparring except that you get 0 breaks and sparring strong, smart, experienced black belts. Oh yea and the other balck bekt just kind of sit of to the side analyzing your every move, looking a pattern to counter. Your opponents's only objective is to bring you down. And, your breathing hard, getting hit my the impact of every kuck and punch. It would be so much easier to give up wouldn't it?
Not sure what illegal targets there are, but in MMA there is a (very long) timer. Not in kyokushin. Not in 50 man sparring. Not in 100 man sparring. Not in 300 man sparring.
No am not kidding. One person has defeated 300 experienced blackbelts without break.

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