Happy Introduction

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Hi people! Since you have decided to click this book then you must reallly want to know about martial arts... or not.

 This book is under heavy spelling editing and editing for facts were they make no sense. Until then , FAMA two will not be published.

 Please correct me if I get it wrong, because either I will do more research, replace the fact completely (because of my insane confusion), or use you- the reader's - comment as information if you are right.

  Keep in mind when I say Taekwondo (TKD) I mean Chung-do-Kwan Taekwondo. I may change most of me saying Taekwondo into Chung-Do-Kwan Taekwondo throughout editing.

 Remember, I have 200 facts to either elaborate or completely rewrite. It's going to take me a while.

  Constructive criticism is okay, but never, ever do any hate. Hate is not allowed. Here in this book I ill not permit any randomness and limit your profanity. Also, please comment and make it related to the fact in SOME way.

 If you see something wrong then kindly (or pretend) to tell me the mistake I made.

 Special facts are every 25 facts. They are more like rants, tips, and dedication. If you are not interested in any such thing then skip these facts.

 Factishs are what I like to consider information about a martial art, but has a lot of ranting in it. If it is a full on rant and I believe it to not be a fact (Depriving the book from its name)then I will add another fact at the bottom. This is during editing, so some may not have the extra fact, or the factish is factual enough in some way.

 Updates usually are when I release my new book will range from two to five days due to school and homework.

 Enjoy the book okay!

Arigatou gozaimasu Mina-san! (Thank you everyone!)


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