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Fact # 156

80 3 4

I will give a fact, but first I'm here to complain, alot actually.
As much as I dearly love my TKD and all, some kids test when they aren't even ready. Or I don't think they are. There is assigned testing dates, and that's not quite fair (although there is make up testing. STILL!) I know its for money, but...

I wish parents would restrict their kids if they are or are not ready. I mean I saw a yellow belt (second belt) who did not know the difference between a round house kick and a front kick turned on it's side. (side kick)

It annoyed the crap out of me, and there is also kids comign in for testing WHO DON'T EVEN KNOW THEIR FORM! *faints

I know a black belt (probationary) who knows his form (and is a great person and all) but has horrible attention skills. Not what'd you'd call great form or sparring either.

Anyways, not sure if I have said this before, but here is my TKD rankings.

(Sometimes Orange not for me doh)
Green with white stripe
Solid green belt
Green with black stripe
Blue with white stripe
Solid blue belt
Blue with stripe black in the middle
(Well you get the pattern)
Black with white stripe
Pure Black belt with Red\Black words of your last name and one dan (bar)
Pure Black belt with Red\black words with your last name and 1 dan with a # 2 below the bar.

This goes all the way to 4 then goes to 2 bars.
Then 4 and 3 bars.
Then you can't test until your 16 to test for 4th degree. Then you have to test in front of masters in a tournament (Spring Nationals or a Worlds tournament)

Then you have to wait for the next National Spring tournament\ World.

Long fact? Totally not at all!

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