Chapter 27

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Kellin's POV

For the past two weeks Alysha has been acting weird. Not as in a bad kind of way, but weird nonetheless. It's more like she knows something I don't know.

Every time I would ask her what's going on she just dismiss it and changes the subject.

I'm starting to believe she's hiding something. And I get the feeling that it's something important. I don't know if she's hiding it just from me or everyone else for that matter.

But I do know for a fact, that if try and ask her about it again she's just going to deny it like she always does.

I don't really think there is something wrong or that bad but then again if it wasn't, why she won't tell me anything about it? We're best friends and we tell each other everything. Or at least that's what I thought.

"Hey babe." I was pulled out of my thoughts as Vic made his way towards me. I was sitting outside by the pool. It was a beautiful day today so why not spending it the right way?

"Hey, how are the guys?" I asked. Vic and the guys had a meeting with their manager today so he wasn't home since earlier this morning.

He came to the chair I was sitting on leaning in to give me a kiss. When he pulled away I made room patting the spot for him to sit with me.

"They're good. They told me to tell you they say hi by the way." I smiled. Those guys are dorks but I've grown to love them anyways. They're apart of the family.

"What you've been up to while I was gone?" He asked. His hand going up and down my thigh in that loving way Vic always manages to do.

"Nothing really. I was kind of bored in there so when I saw it was beautiful outside I decided to go on for a swim. Now I'm just sitting here enjoying the sun."

"I would join you but sadly I can't. And you probably want to go get changed."


"The guys are coming over along with Alysha, Erin and Jessica. They wanted to have a barbecue and also wanted to hang out with you because as they told me so, its been awhile since they last saw you."

I rolled my eyes but smiled. Like I said, they're dorks. I have to say, since I moved to San Diego the bond I already had with the guys grow. We're more close and I'm also close with their girlfriends.

Since I'm practically the girl in my relationship with Vic, they thought I would get along with the girls just fine. They weren't wrong thought.

I love Alysha and she's my best friend but I also love Erin and Jess. They're amazing girls and I'm glad they're with the guys and are apart of our crazy family.

Everything would be more perfect if Jesse, Jack, Justin and Gabe move to San Diego as well. I miss them a lot and it'd be just great. But I can't ask them to leave their lives back in Michigan and move here.

Oh but wait a minute. If Erin and Jess will be here they probably now what's up with Alysha. They're good friends and maybe, just maybe they now if something's wrong with her.

"Babe, is everything okay?" Vic pulled me out of my thoughts yet again. Ops, I guess I zoned out.

"What? Oh yeah, everything's fine. I just kind of zoned out." I chuckled. "At what time would they be here?"

"Mm in about an hour or so. Kellin are you okay? You've been zoning out a lot lately." Concern was evident in his voice. I took his hand that was resting on my thigh and laced our fingers together.

"I'm fine, Vic. I'm just kind of worried for Alysha. She's been acting weird lately and every time I would ask her what's wrong she says nothing's wrong and changes the subject. I don't know if something's bothering her and I'm just worried about her." I sighed. I actually never told Vic about Alysha's attitude.

"Babe, I'm sure if there was something bothering her she'd told you about it. You guys are best friends and besides, Mike would tell us if something's wrong. He knows we both love and care about her a lot. Don't stress yourself out. Even if something's wrong, she'll come around eventually and tell you." He said.

Well, that makes sense. Mike would definitely tell us if something's wrong. Maybe I'm just over reacting about it and I need to relax. Vic's right. In case something's bothering her, she'll tell me when she's ready.

"You're right. I'm just overthinking the whole situation a lot." I said.

"Mhm. Just relax, babe. I'm sure she's fine."

"Yeah, you're right. Thank you." I squeezed his hand and smiled in appreciation. He smiled back and leaned in to peck my lips. It was just a sweet little kiss.

"No need to thank me. I just don't let negative thoughts cloud my mind. And you shouldn't either." He said and poked my nose. I rolled my eyes but I know he's right. I shouldn't let negative thoughts take the best of me.

"Now c'mon. Let's go back inside and get you changed before the guys get here and see you naked." I frowned in confusion. What's he talking about?

"What are you talking about? I'm not naked."

"Kellin, you're swim trunks are white and they're really really short and wet. You're practically naked." He said like it was obvious. I laughed. He's so overprotective it's so cute.

"Don't laugh at me Kellin. Now c'mon, let's get you changed into more appropriate clothes. I'm the only one allowed to see you naked." He stood up pulling me up with him.

"Oh my god Vic. You're unbelievably cute." I said with a chuckle. He scoffed and slapped my ass.

"Don't be a bad boy or else you're gonna get it." I can see the playfulness in his eyes but there's also something else, something that I love. Lust.

I stepped closer to him and ran my hands up and down his chest. "Maybe that's what I want." I winked at him and turned around running inside the house. I heard him groan in frustration.

"You're so going to get it now Kellin."


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