Chapter 11

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Vic's POV

Since the day I performed Kissing In Cars for Kellin there have been a lot of questions everywhere.

Of course everyone wants to know if I was in a relationship and now they all want to know who's the person I was talking about when I sang the song.

Kellin and I have been great lately. We even have been talking whether we should tell our management we're together or not.

Maybe it'll take some of the stress away but we're not completely sure. With our fans though, we still think we need to wait.

Tour is almost over and I'm not sure what will happen with me and Kellin. I know I want to keep our relationship that's for sure, but the problem is he lives in Michigan and I live in San Diego. I don't know how that will work out for us.

"Hey babe." My thoughts were interrupted by a high pitched voice I know all too well. I saw Kellin making his way to the couch I was currently on and sat on my lap.

"Hey." I said giving him a peck on the lips wrapping my arms around his waist.

"What are you doing here all alone?" He asked. I shrugged.

"Nothing. Just thinking."

"Thinking about what?" Well we have to talk about this anyway so may as well ask him now.

"I was thinking about us. About what's going to happen when tour is over." I said.

"Well actually I've been thinking about the same thing and I have an idea." He said sounding excited.

"Yeah? And what's the idea?" I asked.

"I was thinking we could move in together." He said. I wasn't expecting that but I can't say I don't like the idea of me and Kellin living together.

"So what do you think?" He asked when I didn't say anything.

"I think it's a great idea. I'd love to live with you, babe." He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss.


I was cuddling with Kellin on one of the couches we have in the back of the bus when Jaime bursted in.

"Vic, we have the interview in five minutes." He said. Damn I forgot about the interview with Bryanstars today.

"Oh, I forgot but I'll be ready. Where is it again?" I asked because I couldn't remember myself.

"Right here, Vic." Shit.

"It's okay babe. I'll go back to my bus and see what the guys are up to. I'll see you later yeah?" Kellin said standing up giving me a quick kiss before he left.

"Okay, babe." I said and went to get ready for the interview.

Exactly five minutes after, Bryan came to our bus to start the interview.


"Hey what's up you guys we're hanging out here with Pierce The Veil, could I have you guys personally introduce yourself and tell us what's your roll in the band." Bryan said.

"My name is Vic and I sing."

"My name is Tony and I play guitar."

"My name is Jaime and I play bass."

"I'm Mike and I play drums."

"Alright, how are you doing guys?" Bryan asked.

"Good. We're good." We all said in unison.

"How's tour been so far?" He asked.

"It's been awesome man. We've been having a lot of fun and amazing shows." Mike said. It's true though, this tour has been amazing.

"That's great guys. Alright, now there's something I need to ask. After that show back in Florida. Vic you sang a song for a special someone. It was kind of an apologize, if I'm not mistaken. So the question everyone wants to know is, are you in a relationship?" Yeah. Of course he needed to ask.

What am I supposed to say? Oh yeah me and Kellin are dating. Of course not. I'm not ready yet.

"Well... Yeah it was indeed an apology. I made a mistake and I thought the best way I could apologize was with a song." I said.

"So, are you dating someone?" Yeah. Kellin.

"Um yeah. But we want this to be out of the media for awhile you know? See how everything works out." I said.

"Yeah, of course. So Vic when we get to meet this person?" Bryan asked. Why he can't just let it go?

"If everything keeps the way it is right now, maybe soon." I said.

"Great. Well I hope everything goes well, Vic."

"Thank you." I said with a small smile.

After the tension of those questions, Bryan started with his normal goofy questions and the interview was pretty fun. Just what I needed right now.

Kellin's POV

I'm really looking forward to moving in with Vic when the tour is over. I love the idea, but also I'm kinda nervous about it.

If we do move in together, we need to tell our families we're together. I mean, I know my mom will support us, she's okay with me being gay and she already loves Vic, so I know we won't have any problem with her but I'm not sure about Vic parents.

Will they be okay if Vic and I live together? I guess I'll find out when we tell them.

Right now, I think I better start looking out for apartments or maybe a house? Yeah I think it a house will be so much better. God, I'm so excited!

"What you doing?" Jesse asked suddenly. I was at the back of the bus with my laptop house haunting.

"Just watching YouTube." I said shrugging. I don't want to tell the guys just yet about Vic and I's plans. I want to wait until we have everything ready.

"Oh, since when YouTube looks like a Real Estate homepage?" Jesse asked sitting next to me on the couch. Dammit I should have closed the page.

"Are you moving out or something?" He asked. Well I guess telling Jesse wouldn't harm right?

"Yes. Vic and I are thinking we should moving in together after tour is over. But please Jesse, don't say anything. Vic and I will tell all of you guys when we got everything ready." I said.

"I won't. Don't worry Kell. After all, this isn't really a surprise ya know?" He said shrugging.

"What do you mean?" I asked a little confused.

"It not a surprise you and Vic want to live together." God, are we really that predictable?

"It isn't?" I asked.

"Nope. You guys are always together and it's fucking cute to be honest. It isn't hard to think that after the tour you guys wouldn't be able to be apart from each other." He explained.

I love the way the guys are always supporting my relationship with Vic and now that I know it wouldn't be a surprise for them if I move out everything will be much more easier for me.

"God, we are so predictable." I said laughing making Jesse laugh as well.

"Yes, you are. But it's okay Kellin. That's what love is and you guys are totally in love with each other. We're always going to support you no matter what."

"Thank you, Jesse. It means a lot." I said smiling. It really means a lot. I love the guys so much they are practically my family and to have their support is amazing.

"It's no problem Kell. Now do you need any help looking for your love nest?" Jesse asked laughing. He's such an idiot sometimes.

"Yes, actually." I said laughing along with him.

And for the next hour or so that's what we did. We were looking for the perfect house for me and Vic. I can't wait to find it and start our life together.

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