Chapter 16

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Kellin's POV

Decorate our house was harder than I thought. We came in here early, and around like 10 in the morning our new furniture started to arrive.

I had almost everything planned though. I already knew where I wanted to put everything, but still was a lot of hard work to do for just me and Vic.

Even though we were moving stuff here and there we still managed to have a lot of fun. Spending time together was all we needed to be content no matter what we were doing.

"So, is this the way you pictured our room?" Vic asked. I wanted to start with our room first so the faster we got it done the sooner we could move in.

I wanted our room to be cozy and nice of course. The rooms in the house are long and the principal, which is ours, is bigger.

I wanted a queen sized bed on the middle of the room. On each side of the bed was a night stand with lamps on it.

To the right side of our bed we put a TV with a coffee table and a couch to relax. To the left was the door that headed to the bathroom and our closet, which was big enough for both of us.

It was perfect. Exactly the way I wanted it to be. I smiled and nodded at his question.

"Yep. It's perfect." Vic smiled and took a seat on the couch. I walked towards him and sat next to him. He put his arm around my neck and I snuggled to his side.

"We finally have our room done babe. Now we only have left the rest of the house." He chuckled.

"Yeah. But the perks are we can already move in 'cause our room is ready. We can keep with the decoration and stuff through the following days." This was always my plan. I wanted to move out of the PTV house soon.

Don't get me wrong I love the guys and all, but if Vic and I want to have intimacy it's kind of awkward with the guys there. I rather do it in our own place where we're alone. I'm not really quiet and neither is Vic so, yeah.

I definitely want that to happen with no one around the house who could hear us and tease the shit out of us for god knows how long.

Honestly I really want to be with Vic again. It has been a while since the last time we had sex and I want him really bad.

I can tell Vic feels the same because the night we spend in Michigan he tried to persuade me into it, but I said no for the exact same reason I don't want to do while it in the PTV house.

Last night wasn't a problem though, just because we were both tired, but if we keep spending more nights in there the tension will keep growing.

"How do you like if we go back with the guys and take all of the stuff we had left there and came back here." Vic asked. "I like that idea." I said and pulled away from him.

"Let's go." I stood up and handed him my hand to take it. He took it and stood up. We walked out of our room and out of the house hand in hand to his car and headed back to the PTV house.

When we got there the house was empty. We packed what we had in Vic's room and leave a note telling the guys we moved to our house today so they won't be waiting for us later.

Before heading back to our place we went shopping for groceries. We have nothing to eat and we needed to go and get food.

Now we we're currently back at home, we just finished eating pizza and continued with the decorations.

"I think we're done for today." I said to Vic who was standing next to a couple of empty boxes. "Yeah. We've done enough for one day. I think we did a lot of progress." He said. "Yep." I nodded.

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