Chapter 6

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Kellin's POV

As soon as I stepped foot inside my bus the guys bombarded me with questions like, where have you been? Did you and Vic leave together? Did you spent the night with Vic? Why are you smiling like an idiot?

I probably did look like an idiot. I was so happy to know Vic loves me back. I feel like I was dreaming; the best dream I could ever have.

I told them about what happened with Vic and they were all chanting together about how they knew it all along. I was glad that my band mates loved the idea of me and Vic being together. It would totally suck if they didn't.

After I told them everything, they asked me if now that we know about our feelings, we're together. And that question had me thinking for a while.

I don't know what's going to happen now, I mean I obviously want to be with Vic, but he wants to be with me? Did he regret the kiss? Should I have asked him out when he told me he loved me?

God, being in love is so complicated. I just hope Vic wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him.

Right now we're on our way to our next stop for the tour, it's good though, I have the time I need to think about what I'll do tomorrow when I see Vic again.

Is he looking forward to see me tomorrow? Did he tell the guys about what happened between us? Do they know he's gay? I guess so, Mike's his brother and Jaime and Tony are his best friends of course they already know.

But they know about his feelings for me? What if they hate me and don't want us to be together? C'mon Kellin you're over thinking this, you need to calm down.

My thoughts were interrupted with the buzz of my phone. It was a text message.

From Vic.

Hey Kells, what you doing? :)

A smiley face. At least his not mad at me or something. I replied back.

To Vic.

Just lying in my bunk, what about you? :)

From Vic.

Pretty much the same. Um Kells, I was wondering if you would like to go out for lunch tomorrow when we arrive to the next venue.

Is he asking me out on a date with him? Oh my god!

To Vic.

Like a date? ;)

I replied back with a winky smile, I hope it isn't too much.

From Vic.

Uh yeah ;) So what do you say?

Of fucking course yes.

To Vic.

Duh! Of course Vic ;)

From Vic.

Good. I'll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Kells x

Vic sent me a kiss! Oh god, I probably look like a fangirl right now but who fucking cares! Is Vic fucking Fuentes who I am talking about. I have every right to fangirl.

To Vic.

It's a date! I'll see you tomorrow. Night Vic x

It's official. I'm going on a date with Vic. Oh my god I'm going on a date with Vic Fuentes tomorrow!

I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm more than happy! Wait... What am I gonna wear? Should I dress fancy or casual?

Eh, I'll figure that out tomorrow right now though, I need to sleep.

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