Chapter 5

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Kellin's POV

Vic's gay. I was lost of words. Oh my god! The man I've been in love with all this time is gay!

"Please don't hate me." Vic said when I didn't say anything. "I don't hate you. I could never hate you Vic." I said looking at Vic who was fiddling with his fingers and looking at his lap.

Okay Kellin, if Vic was brave enough to tell you... You can tell him too. I let out a sigh. "Wanna know why?" I said.

He looked at me slowly nodding. Here I go. I can do this. "Because..." Vic and I locked our eyes. Oh god how I love those beautiful brown eyes of him. Do something Kellin, tell him that you love him!

Without hesitation I pulled him close to me and crashed my lips against his. His lips were soft and warm. This is the place I belong, it seems like our lips are made for each other. As cliché as that sounds.

I pulled away looking at Vic's beautiful eyes.

"Because I'm in love with you Vic." It feels amazing saying that words out loud.

"I'm in love with you too, Kellin." Vic said smiling pulling me in for another kiss.

Mike's POV

Tony and I went to the small park that was next to the venue. I really hope Vic takes the chance and tell Kellin he loves him.

I love my brother and I know keeping his feelings for Kellin as a secret isn't something easy.

He always says he's just fine with being friends with him and that he is too scared of losing his friendship if Kellin knows he's gay.

I don't think Kellin is homophobic, last night I'm 100 percent sure he meant those words to Vic.

It would be awesome if they were together. I have a feeling Kellin likes Vic too.

The way they look at each other isn't just in a friendly way, it's like if they were screaming how much they want to be together.

So, if my brother doesn't say something this time... I'll do it for him.

Vic's POV

Am I dreaming? Kellin and I are on the small couch right now and we're kinda cuddling. I definitely have to be dreaming.

"What are you thinking?" Kellin asked me pulling me out of my thoughts.

"I was wondering if I was dreaming." He chuckled a little holding me tighter.

"Nope. You're not. I'm right here." He said.

I was smiling like an idiot. I was finally with the man I love and surprisingly he loves me back. Nothing's better than this. I could stay like this all day but unfortunately we can't. We're traveling again tonight for our next show and Kellin needs to go back to his bus.

"You know, I could stay like this all day. It's really comfy." Kellin said pulling me even closer to him, not that I was complaining of course.

"Me too. But... we can't." I said getting up from the couch.

"But Viiiiiccccc." Kellin whined. "I don't want to go and I definitely don't want you to go." I mentally aw'ed at his cuteness.

"Neither do I, but we're traveling again tonight. Unless you have all your stuff ready you can stay here." I said hoping he could stay but knowing Kellin he still needs to go and check everything is ready and on its place.

"Ugh fine. Do you know at what time we're leaving?" I was about to answer his question when the door flew open reveling my band mates were back.

"Better late than never. Here's the food." Jaime said dropping bags with McDonalds on the table.

"I have to go. I'm gonna go check up on the guys." Kellin said standing up.

"They're fine, just hungover. Jack went with me to get you guys some food." Jaime said to Kellin.

"Oh okay. Well I better go. I'll see you guys later." He waved at the guys and before he left he turned around to give one last smile. That smile that I love so much.

"So? How did it go?" Mike asked from the kitchen as soon as Kellin closed the door. Of course he had to ask.

"It went well. Actually, it went pretty good." I said sitting on one of the booths.

"I told you he will be cool with you being gay." Jaime said handing me one of the bags from McDonalds. It smells pretty good and I was starving.

"Did you tell him about your feelings for him?" Mike asked.

There's that question. I guess I should tell them. I mean they are going to know anyways. Besides they won't stop asking questions if I don't.

"Yeah. I did."

"And?" Tony asked.

"He loves me back." I said shrugging like it was nothing.

"I knew it!" Jaime cheered happily.

How is it possible that my band mates knew all along about Kellin's feelings towards me and I didn't?

"I told you bro. I'm happy everything's clear between you two." Mike said.

"So, are you guys together now?" Tony asked.

Now that I think about it, I don't know what's going to happen now. I mean, he knows I love him and he told me he loves me. But does he wants to be in a relationship with me?

I hope so because that would be the most amazing thing. I let out a sigh. "No. We didn't talk about that."

"What!? I thought that would be the first thing you'd ask him." Mike said.

"Mike I wasn't thinking about that. I was too shocked because he said loved me." I'm still processing Kellin's words saying that he loves me.

"Well, are you gonna ask him out?" Jaime asked.

"I don't know. Maybe I should wait a couple of days-" I was cut off by Mike again. "You really will wait more to be with him? Why don't you just ask him out already?"

"Because is not that simple Mike. I don't have an idea of how to ask him out." Is he kidding? I don't want to ask him just like that.

If I do ask him out, I want it to be something special, maybe on a romantic date with the perfect scenario. Not in the couch of my bus!

"Why don't you take him out on a date?" Tony suggested. Thank you! Finally someone understands.

"Yeah, you could take him out on a romantic date and ask him there." Jaime agreed with the idea of a date.

"I like that idea. I just need some time to think the way I want this date to be."

"Well think on something special then." Jaime said winking at me.

"You guys have everything ready? We're leaving soon." Tony asked. Everybody nodded their heads and continued eating their food.

I need to think how I want to ask Kellin to be my boyfriend. I really want something special.

Luckily for me, I have the rest of the day and night to think about it.

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