Chapter 39

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okay so if y'all can see in the picture up there ^^ these are the wedding invitations, tuxedos, cake and bouquet Kellin chose :))) and OMFG guys this story has 20K reads wtf?????? you guys are amazing I love you all so much :') you have no idea how happy it makes me to know you guys actually like this story!!! I'm emotional right now jfc, so I better let you guys carry on with the chapter, okok I'm leaving now I love you guys so much, vote and comment if you guys liked this chapter :) yeah ok enjoy!!


Kellin's POV

The girls and I have been getting everything I need for the wedding for the past month. Everything seems so real now that we have everything almost done. Holy shit I'm so excited!

Vic's letting me do all I want. He's gonna make me have my dream wedding and I'm honestly over the moon. As he already knows, thanks to Alysha I must say, I love beach weddings. So, smooth talking to Vic and lots of persuading, he finally agreed to have our wedding in Hawaii. Maui to be exact.

We're going to have a Hawaiian wedding with my personal touch of course.

We have our wedding invitations and they're so freaking cute! It's a boxed wedding invitation. The color of the box is a soft brown kind of like beige and there's a green ribbon with a Hawaiian flower in the middle of it.

The cake is simpler, it has flowers on top just for decoration and it's going to be vanilla flavored. Oh yeah, and much to my annoyance and the girl's joy, we picked a bouquet. And just because our theme is Hawaiian, I had chosen my favorite Hawaiian flower. It's so pretty. I hated to accept in front in the girls though, they teased me nonetheless but I just couldn't deny it.

Vic's and I's tuxedos are also perfect. They're all black, like the ones we used for the 'King for a Day' music video, with white button up shirts. Vic will be so hot that day. The guys have seen him because they were with Vic trying their suits. Mike told me the suit I picked really suits him and oh my god I can't wait to see him!

Alysha and Jenna went with me when I tried mine and they also said it was perfect and I look really good too if I say so myself, so it's safe to say I'm pretty happy with my decision.

"Babe I'm home!" I heard Vic's voice along with the front door slamming shut. I stood up from my previous seat and walked out of the studio. I went to the freezer and took out a beer for Vic and a can of Monster for me making my way to the living room knowing Vic will be there.

"Get your feet out of my coffee table, Mister." I said. He knows I hate it when he does that! He turned to me and rolled his eyes but doing as I asked.

"Happy?" He asked.

"Very." I said handing him the beer with a smile on my face. I went and sat down sideways on his lap and opened my Monster. Vic opened his beer and took a sip of it while pulling his free arm around my waist.

"So did you find anything?" I asked. He and Jaime went to talk with Frank, Jaime's friend. He's a pilot and Jaime thought he might be able to help us get a private jet to fly our guests to the wedding. God, I'm glad we can actually afford it because holy shit everything is so expensive! Even though Vic's paying for almost everything.

"Yeah. Frank said he knows someone who rents private jets and he can help us asking him for a lower price saying we're his friends. I gave him my phone number and he said he'll give me a call tomorrow."

"Babe, don't you think we're being a little extravagant? Don't get me wrong this is perfect and I'm really excited and it's going to be so beautiful, but I feel bad you know? Everything is so expensive." I said wrapping my free arm around his neck.

"Don't worry about that, sunshine. I know it's going to be expensive but this is your dream wedding and I might have been saving money a long time ago, so no need to worry your pretty little head about it okay? You just need to tell me if you need anything else." He said flashing me his cute smile.

Jesus Christ, I think Vic spoils me just a little.

I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. It's been a long day and Vic's kisses are exactly what I need right now, besides I'm thanking him for making my dreams come true. He's the best human being I know.

"This is uncomfortable." Vic said chuckling slightly against my lips.

"It is." I pulled away and put our drinks in the coffee table. Vic motioned for me to stand up so I did. He got more comfortable in the couch, then patted his lap telling me to sit down again.

I sat on his lap once again, resting my side on his chest. We both sat there in a comfortable silence, I had my arms around Vic. He had one arm around my waist holding me close and the other was playing with my hair.

"Can you believe we're getting married next month?" I said loud enough for him to hear me. I'm nor gonna lie, even though Vic and I already live together I'm still amazed he'll be my husband in just a few days more.

"Man, where did the time go? This past months went by quick huh? I'm glad next month I get to call you my husband instead of fiancé." I chuckled hugging him tighter. Vic's a dork and a hopeless romantic but honestly it suits him. I sighed happily.

"I'm tired." I mumbled. Planning this wedding is pretty exhausting, even though I know it'll be worth it in the end.

"Get some sleep, love." Vic said in a sweet voice. He started humming our song 'Iris' and stroked my hair lovingly. It felt so good and soon enough I was dosing off.

"I fell more in love with you every day." Was the last thing I heard before sleep consumed me.

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