Chapter 14

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Vic's POV

I'm back in San Diego and I already went and signed all the papers for the house and it's now officially ours.

I went and saw it and let me tell you something, it's fucking perfect! I love Kellin's taste. I know he's kind of picky but this house is beautiful and I will love living in there with him.

We only need to go shopping and get our furniture.

I'm currently in my room at the PTVs house. I've been packing all my stuff before I leave to Michigan with Kellin.

I'm nervous about telling his mom about us but I know it has to be done. She's an amazing woman though, and I really hope she don't have any problem with us being together. Kellin would hate it if his mom wouldn't support us.

I haven't seen Kellin in about 5 days now and I miss him a lot. Sure we call each other and skype all the time but it's not the same. I miss cuddling with him.

I'll see him tomorrow though, I'm going to Michigan to help him out with his stuff and for the meeting with his mom. I'm excited to see him again.

"Wow, this looks empty." Mike said from the door. I have almost everything packed now and looking around, it did looks empty.

"I'm just packing the essentials." I said. Mike came inside and sat on my bed.

"So it's official. My big bro is moving out." He said.

"Yes, it is. I'll still be living close from here though." I said. The best part of the house we bought is that it's really close from this house and my parents'.

"It's going to be different and weird not having you around anymore, but I'm really happy for you Vic. I know for how long you've been in love with Kellin and seeing how happy you are when you're with him makes me happy. Kellin is a good man and I like you guys together." Mike said.

He's always being supportive with every decision I make and he's a great brother. I love him so much and it makes me happy to know he likes my relationship with Kellin.

Him, my parents, Jaime and Tony are really supportive and it really means a lot because they're my family.

I closed the box I was packing and walked to my bed sitting next to him.

"Thanks Mikey, it really means a lot knowing how you feel about Kellin and I. I'm really happy too ya know? We're about to start something new and different in our lives but we're going to be together and that's amazing. I love him Mike, I really do. And like I said, I'm still going to live here in San Diego and close to this house. We'll still see each other."

"Thank god! I actually thought you were going to move to Michigan." He chuckled.

"I did too. But Kellin was the one who looked for places and the house he loved was here so we're going to live here." I said.

"And to be honest I was more than happy to know he wanted to move here, and the house is beautiful too."

"You still need to show me that house of yours though. And we need to celebrate throwing a party for your new place." Typical Mike wanting to party.

"Maybe when Kellin and I have all our furniture and we're settled." I said.

"Speaking of which, at what time you're leaving tomorrow?" He asked.

"I'm leaving in the early morning. I already called Kellin to let him know I'll be there tomorrow." I said.

"I bet he won't sleep tonight. He's going to be way too excited to sleep." He joked.

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