Chapter 24

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Vic's POV

You don't really take notice of the time when your life is everything you've ever wanted. Kellin and I have been together for almost two years now. It still seems surreal though.

I never imagined my crush for my best friend would ever be more than that.

I never thought I'd tell Kellin I was gay let alone that I was in love with him, and of course never in a million years imagined Kellin would have had feelings for me and we'd end up together.

My life with Kellin is perfect. There's no other word to describe it any better.

The past year or so has been eventful for the both of us. Pierce the Veil is still working in the new album while Sleeping with Sirens' new album is almost finished.

The guys from SWS came to visit Kellin and I a couple of times. And also Kellin flew to Michigan even though neither of us really wanted to.

It's hard enough be apart from each other during the day let alone for weeks.

The guys and I have decided to take some time off and relax a bit. I've been really stressed lately and it began to show in my writing.

It's kind of dull and I don't like it one bit, so we know it's better for all of us take a break and clear our minds off.

I'm anxious to have some Kellin time. He's been less busy than me and he's been spending time all by himself because Alysha is on a business trip. Those two became really close friends. He says Alysha is like his little sister.

Kellin and I really need some time for us. Even though our relationship is still strong we do need our time together.

I like doing things for him. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love Kellin's face every time I take him out on a romantic date or even if I just surprise him with something.

"Okay. Everything's done. You guys ready for a well needed time to relax?" Jaime asked pulling me out of my thoughts.

We were in the studio getting ready to go. I turned to face him and nodded. "Yeah. We need this time off." I said with a sigh. I'm pretty tired to be honest.

"You okay Vic?" He asked. "Yeah I'm fine, just tired." I said and they all nodded.

"What are you guys doing during this time?" Mike asked. "I'm spending this time with Erin. I want to take her to some places." Tony said.

"Yeah me too. I'm calling Jessica and spending my time off with her." Jaime agreed. It's only normal for them wanting to spend time with their girlfriends.

That's exactly what I'm going to do. Spend this time with my beautiful boyfriend.

"What about you Mikey? What you going to do?" I asked my brother. Alysha's still on her trip and I don't know when she'll be back. It'd suck for him having to spend his time off by himself.

"I'm going to Alysha. I called her last night and she's in London so I'm going to spend this week over there with her." He said.

"That's cool Mikey. I thought she was coming back soon though that's what Kellin told me."

"Yeah same but she's got an offer for another shooting and seeing as she was already there she said yes and stayed longer." He explained.

"What you doing Vic? Spending your time with Kellin?" Tony asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah. He's not busy and I'm craving for some time with him." They all awe'd in unison what I consider is something totally unnecessary.

I mean, Kellin and I have been together for awhile now and they still fangirl over us. They're massive Kellic shippers as you can see.

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