Chapter 23

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Kellin's POV

I finally told Vic I wanted to bring the guys here for a couple of days and just like expected he said it was a good idea.

He told me I could bring them here all I wanted. I called the guys and told them and they're thrilled about it.

They said they missed me and a time together sounds perfect right now. And also we will be working in the new album so everything's just perfect.

I'm currently at the airport waiting for the guys. They would be here in the next couple of minutes. Their plane just landed and I'm just waiting for them to make their way to the exit area, which is where I'm standing.

Honestly I'm excited to see them. I can't deny I miss them sometimes, but like I've said before, I wouldn't change anything of what my life is now.

I'm more than happy living with Vic. I have the rest of PTV here, Mama and Papa Fuentes who are like my family and I have Alysha. She's absolutely my best friend now. We spend so much time together it's crazy. It's almost like if we were dating.

The other day she had a shooting and she made me go with her because she didn't wanted to go by herself like she usually does.

It was awkward at first because I practically saw her naked and I didn't know how to act around her afterwards but it didn't seem to bother her though.

She was acting normal and she even made me take some photos with her. Not naked of course, but we did dressed up and I ended up having a lot of fun that day.

Vic and Mike are more than happy with Alysha and I's friendship. I didn't understand why at first but then Vic told me how he and Mike were always worried about us being alone most of the time because they were working.

None of them liked the idea of us being alone and now that Alysha and I are friends, they have nothing to worry about because we're together almost all the time every day.

Seriously though, it's like we live together. She's always at my house or I'm at her apartment. The only reason she's not with me right now is because she had a shooting today and she couldn't cancel it. I see Alysha like my sister and I honestly love her a lot.

"Kellin!" My thoughts were interrupted for someone yelling my name. I looked to the way the sound came and I saw Jack with the rest of the guys waving at me. I smiled and waved back motioning them to come to me.

"Hey Kellin! Long time no see." Gabe said giving me a hug. I chuckled. "Not that long but yeah it's good to see you guys."

"It's long enough man." Justin said he too giving me a hug. I greeted them all with a hug and we made our way to my car.

"Okay, so now that we're all here we should party!" Justin said once we were at my car and on our way to my house.

A party. Of course they'd want to party. After all Pierce is also here. "A party? Justin I don't know about you but I told you guys to come here because I wanted to work in the album."

"Oh c'mon Kellin. We can party one day and hang out with Pierce and then we'll still have more days to work in the album. We won't be partying for two weeks." Justin said.

I guess he's right. They'll just need one day to catch up with everyone and then we'll focus in our album.

Besides Vic and they guys have been working nonstop and a free day to relax doesn't sound bad at all. I sighed pretending to be annoyed with them.

"Fine. Just one day. Then we'll work in the album okay?" I said. They all made promises saying just one day was all they needed and then they would work as hard as they can for our album.

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