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The Stray and the Divine |Kellic| by Gabisnotfab
The Stray and the Divine |Kellic|by Weirdo
Victor Fuentes Senior was the alpha of the Pierced Veils pack but when he suddenly is murdered by a rogue werewolf his son, Vic has to come back from his nomadic life to...
Daddy by kellicmpreg
Daddyby anon
Kellin is a kindergarten teacher at Sunny Lakes Children's Academy. He adores every one of his students - specifically a little girl by the name of Copeland, who loves t...
Playlist Love by Rei_Elise
Playlist Loveby Rei
Kellin is in his senior year of high school, ready to graduate and get out into the world. Unfortunately for him, life has different plans. His family has picked up and...
Daddy's Boy  |Kellic| {DD/lb} by Gabisnotfab
Daddy's Boy |Kellic| {DD/lb}by Weirdo
Sometimes, a baby boy just wants a Daddy to take care of him. Sometimes, a daddy dom needs his little to take care of him. It might seem that Kellin needs Vic, even thou...
Toxic Valentine (Kellic) - boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Toxic Valentine (Kellic) - boyxboyby 🐸
Recently after Vic had gotten out of an abusive relationship, he meets Kellin, a college student majoring in fine arts, who had just moved into town. Vic learns pretty q...
Parasites (Kellic) by trashyalexx
Parasites (Kellic)by Alex
(Kellic) (boyxboy) Kellin gets sexually assaulted by a friend he thought he was able to trust. The worst part? Vic comes home and hears them in the bedroom, thinking Kel...
Bulletproof Love || Kellin Quinn X Vic Fuentes || Kellic || {NOT EDITED} by UndeadDexter
Bulletproof Love || Kellin Quinn Undead
Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes been best friend's ever since they were 5. They been together forever, never leaving eachother's side's. When Vic was 12 he had to move to S...
Bookworm (Kellic) by xxpiercethejordynnxx
Bookworm (Kellic)by Don't Expect Much lol
Kellin Quinn, your average nerd, somehow manages to find himself tutoring the co-captain of the soccer team, Vic Fuentes. But what neither of them knows; the other is ga...
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Wrong Number by iluvmusic323
Wrong Numberby ..
Kellin gets a number from the waitress from the restaurant he went to. He want to let her down easy but she gave him the wrong number. What if that number is Vic Fuentes...
Playboy [BoyXBoy] by shorterguyistops
Playboy [BoyXBoy]by just gay fanfics lol
[Kellic] I had never been a lucky guy. But could a seemingly average boy, with a kinky secret, change that? [WARNING: This story contains sexual content, BDSM and mature...
Bite Me || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
Bite Me || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Word count: 62 k The story of the teenage boy who fell in love with a vampire. Finding your soulmate can be hard, and it doesn't always help when you're a vampire and y...
transit (boyxboy) by twisted-personas
transit (boyxboy)by joey
a fight is one thing but a feeling is another. // kellic ; fighting. im a pacifist tho keep that in mind.
Notice Me (Kellic) (boyxboy) by WinsorMoon
Notice Me (Kellic) (boyxboy)by Winnie
Kellin, a teenage boy, has a power, it's been passed down from generation to generation. Will he use it to get his crushes attention? If he does use it, then will he get...
Bad Is The New Good || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
Bad Is The New Good || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Inspired by Orange is the new black! When Kellin Quinn is sent to prison for a crime he committed years ago, he's utterly terrified of his new company. When he gets to s...
smut one shots (kellic, frerard + more) by looklyla
smut one shots (kellic, frerard looklyla
the title says it all warnings will be at the start of each chapter just like the ships, the wordcount, who tops/bottoms, and a lil' summary
The Story Of Us ▸▸ Kellic by thevicandthekellin
The Story Of Us ▸▸ Kellicby ビリー
While cleaning out his room to leave for college, Kellin Quinn discovers a mysterious book which holds his whole life story. Past, present, and future. So what happens w...
Champagne, Flowers & Chocolate - Kellic - Boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Champagne, Flowers & Chocolate - 🐸
Kellin, a hypersexual 18 year old meets the man of his dreams. The only problem being, it's his 26 year old widower therapist. How long will Vic keep up his professiona...
Lose Control by -euthanasia-
Lose Controlby ♀︎
A struggling film student with bills piling up succumbs to his last resort. He takes a job on a porn set. Being behind the camera allows him to finally live his dream. W...
Red Lace ~Kellic~ (Boyxboy) by _inrainbows_
Red Lace ~Kellic~ (Boyxboy)by _inrainbows_
Kellin Quinn isn't your ordinary 21 year old college student. By day he studies, and by night he dances. The pole is his best friend. Victor Fuentes, 28 year old and Vic...
And Now I'm Nothing → Kellic by patrickstuhmpz
And Now I'm Nothing → Kellicby life ruiner
(boyxboy) That one where the popular guy gets dared to ask out the outcast.