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Playboy [BoyXBoy] by shorterguyistops
Playboy [BoyXBoy]by just gay fanfics lol
[Kellic] I had never been a lucky guy. But could a seemingly average boy, with a kinky secret, change that? [WARNING: This story contains sexual content, BDSM and mature...
I call him Daddy (Kellic) by Serenhayley123
I call him Daddy (Kellic)by Serenhayley123
Kellin Quinn is a university student who's struggling to afford life. He signs up to a sugar daddy website as a joke but it turns into so much more...
Daisy Chains || Kellic ✔ by killingkilgrave
Daisy Chains || Kellic ✔by James May stan
Kellin identifies as neither gender, and dresses how he pleases. Vic is the tough punk that basically rules the school, everyone is scared of him. When the strange lit...
Chasing Rainbows ➳ Kellic by vic-fuentes-is-god
Chasing Rainbows ➳ Kellicby vic-fuentes-is-god
Vic is a shy boy who feels he doesn't quite belong. He feels alone in the world. While on the other hand, Kellin is the new boy who can never escape being the centre of...
And Now I'm Nothing → Kellic by patrickstuhmpz
And Now I'm Nothing → Kellicby life ruiner
(boyxboy) That one where the popular guy gets dared to ask out the outcast.
Teacher Aide (kellic) by KellicsGayAf
Teacher Aide (kellic)by Kellic Quentes
Victor Fuentes is a new teacher who takes the place of Mr.Kraler. Mr. Fuentes comes into the school thinking he would just be teaching students and making friends with t...
Perrentes- Mpreg by RachelPurdy121
Perrentes- Mpregby RachelPurdy121
Highschool and Mpreg fanfiction with Tony Perry and Mike Fuentes
Counting Stars and Scars  {Kellic}  by thebibliophileninja
Counting Stars and Scars {Kellic} by a walking travesty
Vic is good at hiding things. He hides his depression. He hides his self-harm. And above all, he hides the fact that he's completely in love with his best friend Kell...
Free Now // Kellic by collidewiththxkellic
Free Now // Kellicby krizz ❃
Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens are on tour together. Vic and Kellin are best friends, but what happens when Vic reveals Kellin his biggest secret? Will everyth...
Blue Eyes in a Sea of Brown (Kellic) by Driftwood_Heart
Blue Eyes in a Sea of Brown ( Ginger Princess 👑
Kellin get paired with Vic to do a science project. As he prepares to do all the work his self he gets a real surprise when things turn out different then he expected.
10 || Kellic by HellaHotKellic
10 || Kellicby HellaHotKellic
Word count: 31 k It all started with sunshine. More specifically, my sunshine. To be even more specific Kellin Quinn. My best friend. Kellin and I are the best friends...
A Freak (Kellic) by Ships_are_everywhere
A Freak (Kellic)by Ships_are_everywhere
how much can Kellin take? the bullying , the beatings , the constant yelling at home. How long would he last? "I wanna die already. I don't want to do this anymore...
Rainbow - Kellic // boyxboy by collidewiththemadnss
Rainbow - Kellic // boyxboyby 🐸
Kellin Quinn had a traumatic upbringing and since has had a hard time staying out of his head. He is sickened by what he loves, and despite trying so hard to heal, he co...
Video Games [Kellic] by FadedFuentes
Video Games [Kellic]by Rach
EDITING! xX_MCRTRASH_Xx *My Chemical Romance* Non of your Business San Diego, CA "Better stay on that side of the street motherfucker, I'll knock you out :)" K...
Many decisions (Kellic) (boyxboy) Mpreg by sofxxkingrude
Many decisions (Kellic) (boyxboy) Doll
© Kellin a sophomore in high school. Decisions so many decisions. There are the right ones and there are the wrong...
Skinny Latte|Kellic by negansjacket
Skinny Latte|Kellicby negansjacket
Kellin Quinn is happily going out with Gerard Way, an average city boy. But when Kellin meets Vic, a new employee at his favourite coffee shop, he gets close and begins...
Kellic Ddlb Oneshots {Requests closed} by BassPlayersRUs
Kellic Ddlb Oneshots {Requests Shot Put Queen
KillerforKellic requested this and I'm more than happy to provide. Officially discontinued.
Another Cinderella Story |Kellic| by Gabisnotfab
Another Cinderella Story |Kellic|by Weirdo
Kellin has always been treated poorly by their stepmother and step sisters. But, when they sneak out to go to the ball and meet the prince, Victor, everything changes. I...
Bite As Hard As You Want (Kellic Fanfic) by brickbridges
Bite As Hard As You Want (Kellic ray 🌟
Vic Fuentes is hating Kellin Quinn. And when Kellin finds Vic self harming, everything seems to go down hill. Or... is it going up hill? Accompanied by best friend Jaime...
Hell Above Me by LethalSquidgy
Hell Above Meby PeteFuckingWentz
Kellin Quinn is the new guy in San Diego. He's introduced to a group of Mexicans that take a liking to Kellin. One just doesn't take notice of him at all though. That ju...