Chapter 18

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Kellin's POV

Today's my third day here in Michigan and man it feels like forever. I miss Vic a lot and it sucks because I just can't leave to be with him.

But on the bright side. Things with Sleeping With Sirens are great and I'm happy about it. Also Vic's and I's anniversary is next week and I want to do something for him.

I have an idea of what I want to do but I'll need some help. Um I'm sure Jesse can help me with that.

I was currently at the house. I'm waiting for Jesse to come home so I can ask him for help for Vic's present.

I'm home alone because after the meeting we had at the record label with our managers; we all split up and went to different places to do our own stuff. I went to visit my mom and we talked for awhile.

She, just like the guys, wanted an update of mine and Vic's life. I know they just want to know if I'm okay, but damn they can be nosey.

I told my mom how Vic's and I's anniversary is next week and she was overly happy to know we've been happily together.

She told me how much she loves Vic and it makes her happy to know he makes me happy, and well that makes me happy.

I also told her about what will be my present for him and she loved the idea. My mom's always been very supportive and I love her ever more for that.

Anyway, after spending some more time at my mom's I went to the mall and bought some stuff for Vic's parents, the guys and of course, to my love as well.

Now I'm just sitting here in the living room at the house waiting until Jesse's here. Not gonna lie, I'm tired for all I did today, so I'm just gonna rest here.

I wonder what Vic is doing right now. Would he remember about our anniversary? I mean, our anniversary is kind of a big deal.

He never mentioned anything about it though. He wouldn't forget about it right? No. I'm sure he remembers.

What would he be planning? I really hope he remembers and that he likes my present. But what if he does forget about it? What?! No, Kellin. He would never forget they day we got together.

Would he? Oh god, stop it Kellin. This is leading to nowhere. Was he thinking of me like I'm think of him?

Before I could keep over thinking any further on the topic, the door opened and I saw Jesse coming into the living room, making his way towards me.

"Hey Kell. What are you up to?" He asked sitting next to me on the couch. I shrugged. "Just thinking. I just got here. I was at my mom's. And well I was actually waiting for you." I said turning to face him. He was now looking at me with curiosity.

"What for?" He asked. "I need your help with something Jesse." I said sounding serious.

"Spit it out Quinn. What do you need help with?" He said with a little worry laced in his voice. "Don't worry Jesse. It isn't something bad. I just need some help for a present I want to do for Vic and I's anniversary. That's all."

He was such a worrier sometimes. Always thinking the worse when you got serious. "Your anniversary? When is it?" He asked. He sounded relieved that it wasn't anything bad.

"Yep. Our sixth month anniversary. Which is next week and that's why I want to do something while I'm still here so it'll be a surprise for him." I said and smiled like I always do when I say or think on the time we've been together. I know, I know, I'm super girly, so what?

"Wow, it's been six months already?" He asked kind of surprised. I nodded still smiling like an idiot. "Yep. And I want to record a song for him as a present." I said. "A song?" Jesse asked. I nodded.

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