Chapter 37

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Kellin's POV

I thought after Jesse left the band and we met Nick, the only stuff I would have to worry about was the album, but boy was I wrong.

Alysha's been asking me a lot about the wedding since I got back here in San Diego. I can tell she's excited but Jesus Christ, I'm the one getting married and she seems to be more worried about it than I am.

Now don't get me wrong, of course I'm excited about the wedding and everything, I mean it's my wedding, but I'm also focused on finishing our next album on time and Vic's also working on Pierce The Veil's new album so we just decided to put the wedding on hold.

Apparently that wasn't a great idea because Alysha flipped shit when I told her the news. I don't get what the big deal is. I mean we're still engaged and me and Vic have been living together for two years, we're perfectly fine so what's so wrong about us wanting to wait just a little more for our wedding?

Anyway, today I'm actually going to talk with Vic about the whole ordeal. We should at least estimate a time to work with our bands then we can start making plans and shit for our wedding, and I could give Alysha an official date for it.

"Do we have plans for today?" Vic's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. Today was Sunday and Vic actually decided he would spend it with me instead on the studio with the guys. As it was still early and we both are lazy little shits, we're still in bed. Vic was holding me close to him, my back to his chest.

"I don't think we have. But I would like to stay home with you all day." I said.

"We can do that." Vic said. He trailed sweet butterfly kisses along my neck making me smile. Seriously though, Vic is the sweetest man ever and I love it that he's all mine. I managed to turn around still on his embrace and kissed his cheek. He smiled at me and caressed my cheek.

"You're so beautiful." His voice was more like a whisper but I heard him perfectly. "Man, I love you."

"I love you too." I leaned in and kissed him sweetly. He smiled into the kiss letting me know he's happy and I'm happy too. I've never been happier before.

"I need to talk to you about something though." I said when I pulled away. We were still close as our noses were touching.

"Mhm." He hummed so I knew he was listening.

"It's about our wedding."

"What about it?" I pulled away so I could see him better.

"I think it's time for us to settle an official date for it. I mean, we've been engaged for two months already and since you proposed we haven't really talked about the wedding and stuff, so I thought we should do it."

"I know baby. We've been crazy busy with our bands and all, but you're right. We need to put a date. Do you have something in mind?" He said and put a string of my hair behind my ear. I smiled and nodded.

"I do, actually. I've been thinking maybe we could get married in about two or three months. We both are still working with our band's new albums. We could get it over with and then we can start planning our wedding. I'd have Alysha and the girls to help me out with everything, I know they won't mind and Alysha has been pestering me about it for awhile now." I said. The last part caused Vic to let out a small chuckle.

"I know she won't mind. She's not the only one pestering you about the wedding you know? Mike's doing that too. Damn, it seems Mike and Alysha are way too excited for our marriage." I giggled at his statement.

"They totally are. But there's nothing we can do, and we can use their help." I said.

"That's true. But back to the subject though, does three months sound good to you? We both finish our albums and then we start planning our wedding. How does that sound?" He asked. Three months. I'll be getting married in three months.

"It sounds wonderful." I said sighing happily.

"It's settled then, in three months we'll be starting with the wedding plans."

"Yes, I'm so excited!" I squealed a bit causing Vic to laugh at me, but does it look like I care?


"You're a dork. A very cute dork." He said. I just smiled and curled up closer to him hiding my face on his chest.


"Spit it out Quinn." Was the first thing Alysha told me as soon as I opened the door.

I texted her about ten minutes ago telling her I had good news and as you can tell she's a little impatient.

"Hello to you too, Lysha." I said and closed the door.

"Hello Kells, tell me how's your day going? Anything new?" I rolled my eyes at her attempt of making conversation. I walked past her heading to the living room where I was watching TV before she got here.

"Nice try sweetie." I said.

"Oh c'mon Kellin! You can't just text me saying you have good news and don't tell me anything!" She whined taking a seat next to me on the couch. I turned to her and she had that pout and puppy dog eyes. I sighed, she got me there.

"Okay, okay. I do have news. Vic and I agreed to get married in three months, after we both have finished with our albums and all that jazz. So what I'm trying to say is, I'm going to need your help with the wedding preparations."

"Oh my god Kellin! Of course I'll help you! You can bet your ass your wedding will be absolutely perfect." She said and I chuckled. I knew she'd be thrilled and more than happy to help me.

"I know it'll be, and I'm glad I'll have you to help me out."

"Of course! We can ask Erin, Jess and Jenna to help us too. They'll be happy to help." She said. I met Jenna, Nick's girlfriend and she's a sweetheart. We both get along pretty good as well with Alysha, Erin and Jess.

"That'd be great. We'll ask them when the time is here, for now though, let's just hang out. The guys will be home late."

"Okay sounds good. What are you watching?" She asked.

"Uh, 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'." I love these movies to be honest and I can't wait to see Mockingjay!

"I haven't seen the first one yet."

"What!? You need to see that movie first! Oh hell no girl, we're having a movie marathon." I said. She chuckled making herself more comfortable.

"Fine. But we need pizza, popcorn, chocolate and Monsters."

"I still don't understand how the hell you are so skinny because damn you can eat."

"Don't be jealous sweetie. Now, go make some popcorn while I look for the first movie." She said taking the control remote from the couch.

"Yes, sir!" I said standing up and doing a salute. She just rolled her eyes and went back to look for the movie.

I headed to the kitchen and put a bag of popcorns in the microwave while I took two cans of Monster out of the fridge.

"I found the movie!" Alysha shouted from the living room.

"I'm coming! Don't start it yet!" I shouted back. I'm glad I get to finally spend some time with my best friend.


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