Chapter 40

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Chapter 40.

Kellin's POV

"Kellin, hurry the fuck up!" Alysha shouted pounding on my bathroom door.

I'm currently packing all the stuff I would need while we all stay in Maui. Vic and I decided to fly over there 3 days before the wedding.

Alysha managed to found us a beautiful hotel close to the beach where the wedding will take place. She also got us very good prices thanks to all the rooms we'll be needing.

The big day is getting closer and my god, I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. In less than a week I'll be no more Kellin Quinn Bostwick but Kellin Quinn Fuentes instead. A smile formed on my face just thinking about it. 

"Kellin!" I heard Alysha yet again. I sighed shaking my head. 

"Jesus Christ Alysha, I'm coming!" I shouted back. I closed my bag and finally opened the door revealing a very impatient Alysha looking directly at me.

"We're going to be late, Kellin. I don't want to miss our flight." She said. I rolled my eyes and was about to respond when I saw Vic walking to the room.

"We're not gonna miss our flight Lysha, relax. We still have some time to spare." He said making Alysha turn her stare to him instead.

"We still have time, so don't stress yourself. Now, why don't you go call Mike and check if he's ready? I'll help Kellin here." He said. Alysha sighed muttering something under her breath.

"Fine. I'll go call Mike but you two need to pack everything, and make it quickly t got it? I hate being late to the airport when I have to travel." She said pointing to both, Vic and I while talking.

"Go talk to Mike Alysha. We'll be downstairs in no time." I said shooing her out the room. She rolled her eyes but walked out the room pulling her phone out of her back pocket.

"She's gonna drive me crazy." I said. I walked to the bed where I have my suitcase and put inside the bag with bathroom stuff. It was the only thing left to pack.

Vic walked towards me, he stood right behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I relaxed and rested my back against his chest.

"Don't worry babe. As soon as she's reunited with the girls, Mary and my mom she won't be bothering you so much." He said kissing my cheek. I sighed. 

"I hope so." I said.

"I love you." He said softly to my ear. I smiled. He still makes me feel butterflies every time he says he loves me.

"And I love you." I brought one of his hands to my mouth to kiss it. I always enjoy being in Vic's arms. 

"Ready to go?" He asked. 

"Yeah, let's go." I said. He let go of me and went to grab my suitcase.

"Maui here we come." He said flashing me a bright smile. I nodded and smiled back. I love this dork to bits.


Our flight to Maui was very pleasant to say the least. We did get a private jet so we ended up flying with our family and friends at the same time, which was great. 

Oh, and Vic was right. As soon as Alysha meet with the girls, my mom and Viv, she completely forgot about me. I'm not complaining though, I'm happy to have some time to spend with the guys and Vic. 

The hotel is so beautiful and damn, we have an amazing view to this paradise we will be staying at for the next few days.

Everything is so real now; I'm getting married with my best friend, the love of my life in three days. Life couldn't get any better. 

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