Chapter 2

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Vic's POV

We arrived to Los Angeles just in time for the signing. It was awesome to see our fans there, we love meeting our fans, they're amazing.

Truth be told, they say we are the reason they're here but it's the other way around, they are the reason we are here! Without them we'd be nothing.

After the signing we had an interview, thankfully the PTV one and the SWS one weren't together, that would have been a tough time for me 'cause I wouldn't be concentrated enough to answer the questions.

Right now we have some time to eat while SWS is doing their interview. And then we have sound check.

"So Vic, are you never going to tell Kellin you're gay?" Jaime asked.

"I don't know. I mean I probably should tell him, we're friends. But I'm scared. What if he hates me?" I confessed.

I do want to tell Kellin I'm gay but I'm too scared of the thought of losing him. If we can't ever be together at least I want our friendship to last forever.

"Vic, Kellin could never hate you. I'm pretty sure he'll be okay with it, as you said it yourself, he's your friend." Mike said, everyone nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, well I'll think about it. On another topic though. What songs do you guys think we should play tonight?" I asked.

"I was thinking we could start with Caraphernelia, and then we could do Bulls In The Bronx." Jaime suggested.

"Maybe Besitos and A Match Into Water." Tony added.

"What about Bulletproof Love, Disaterlogy and One Hundred Sleepless Nights?" Mike said.

"Yeah, I like that. We could also add Props & Mayhem and finish with King For A Day." I said.

"It seems like we have our set ready for tonight." Jaime said finishing his last bite of food. "Hell yeah!" Mike, Tony and I cheered.

Tonight's show will be fucking amazing.

Kellin's POV

I've been thinking a lot about what Justin told me.

I was so distracted when we were doing the interview that I almost missed the questions that were for me. It was hard to focus.

We just finished the interview. We already did sound check so we have some free time to spend around.

"Hey Kell, you okay? You seemed kinda off in the interview." Jack asked me when we got to the bus again. The guys went for food so it's only me and Jack right now.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something Justin told me before." I said sighing.

"Wanna tell me about it?" He asked. Well if they all already know I'm in love with Vic, maybe it would be fine if I ask them about Justin's suspicions.

"I'm in love, Jack." I said to him sighing yet again.

"I know. You're in love with Vic" He said. Well it seems like Justin didn't lie, they all knew.

"So it's true all of you guys know?" I asked. "Yeah, we kind of figured out a while ago. Why you didn't tell us though?"

"I don't know. I was planning to, but I guess I didn't know how."

"Kell, we will always support you. No matter what." He said and patted my leg.

"Thanks Jack." I said smiling. There is no doubt I have the best friends ever.

"So what's bugging you?" He asked. Going back to the main topic.

"Justin told me earlier today that he thinks Vic might be gay, and now I can't stop thinking about it." I said.

"Well if you ask me, I also think that's true, to be honest. I mean he has the same attitude towards you, and you do love him."

So, that means Vic could be gay! Oh my god. "So do you think he could be gay?"

"Who's gay?" Gabe asked stepping inside the bus with everyone behind.

"I see you're really thinking about it, aren't you?" Justin said sitting in front of me.

"Why yes I am thank you very much Justin. I can't stop thinking about it."

"Thinking about what?" Jesse asked me while handing me some food.

"I told Kellin I think Vic might be gay." Justin answered. "And also, I told him we all know about him being in love with him."

"So is it true? You're in love with Vic?" Gabe asked.

"U-um yes." I said shyly and I could feel I was blushing.

"I see blushing!" Jesse said. Thank you Jesse.

"Shut up Jesse!" I said throwing him my fork. "Ow." That's what you get.

"Why don't you tell Vic you're gay? Just think about it, if you tell him that, if he's also gay, he'll tell you." Gabe suggested.

Tell Vic I'm gay? But what if he's not and he hates me? I can't stand him hating me.

"Yeah that's a good idea. You guys can stop secretly loving each other and be together instead." Justin added winking at me. Oh, that bastard.

"Yeah, it's a great idea! If Vic isn't gay he can just hate me! I can't wait to tell him." I said sarcastically.

"Dude, Vic couldn't hate you. You guys are really close friends. If, he's not gay, he'll be fine with you being gay. I'm sure about that. But then again, what if he is gay?" Jack said.

Ugh! He has a point there. Maybe I should tell him. "Maybe I'll tell him."

"Why don't you take him out for lunch or something? That's something very normal between you two." Jesse said this time.

"Um yeah, I think I'll do that." I'm not sure when though.

"Okay. Well we better finish our food 'cause we have to get ready for the show. It's almost time." Jesse said.

With that being said we all started eating. At last I'll have something to distract myself with for a while.

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