Chapter 33

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Vic's POV

One thing neither me nor Kellin thought about having visit over is how we wouldn't be able to have our private time. Like, it's been only a week and we're both kind of desperate.

It's not that the only thing we think about is sex, but Kellin's been a little needy lately and well I can't never say no to him, but the thing is... Kellin's very vocal in that kind of situations. It'll be so awkward if we do try and do it with Mary and the guys here.

But how do you say no to your hot ass fiancé who teases you every chance he gets? Trust me, it isn't easy.

I'm currently waiting for Kellin to finish his shower so we can cuddle until we fall asleep. Everyone's at their rooms either sleeping or doing whatever they do, I don't know exactly.

I heard the shower turn off and moments later Kellin opened the bathroom door and came to the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His body was covered with droplets of water and my god he looked sexy.

"Like what you see, honey?" He said. I was staring, that much I already know, but I can't help it. He's perfect.

"You have no idea." I murmured. He let out a little chuckle letting me know he heard. He was standing over the closet picking out something to wear.

He then dropped the towel off giving me a perfect view of his ass from where I was sitting on our bed. He went to put on his boxers shaking his butt while doing so. I know what he's doing. And now he's making my little friend excited.

"Kellin!" I whined.

"What?" He turned to face me with an innocent look.

"I know what you're doing. Stop it!"

"Doing what? I'm getting ready for bed, Vic. Do you want me to sleep naked?" I groaned. That little shit. He knows damn well how to turn me on. I turned to my side, my back to Kellin so I couldn't see him anymore.

I need to stay calm, my friend down there needs to relax if we don't want everyone in the house to wake up. Focus Vic, just don't think about Kellin, or anything sexual for that matter. Focus in something else.

I felt the bed dip and a presence next to me. Keep your cool Vic. Don't open your eyes.

"I know you're awake." Kellin said but I ignored him.

"Babe! Why are you ignoring me?" He whined. I let out a sigh and opened my eyes to find a pouty Kellin looking at me. He looked adorable. I chuckled and pulled him closer to me. He rested his head in the crock of my neck and sighed contently.



"I want you." He whispered. Ugh, he's going to try this again.

"Go to sleep, Kellin."

"But Vic! C'mon babe, I know you want this too." He trailed his hand up and down my thigh, suddenly stopping on my crotch. I opened my eyes wide to see him smiling innocently as he palmed me biting his lip sexily. This definitely isn't helping my little friend to keep it cool.

He put his hands inside my boxers grabbing me carefully, never losing eye contact. I was getting more turned on and I know I'm going to gave in into Kellin's wishes sooner or later. I let out a quiet moan earning a smirk on Kellin's face. That little shit.

You know what? Fuck it. I don't care if everyone hears us. I'm fucking turned on and I have a hot ass fiancé horny as hell wanting nothing more than to be pleasured. I slapped his hand away and hovered over him. He let out a squeal and his eyes sparkled with excitement as soon as he realized what was going to happen next. I swear Kellin's being so needy since we got engaged. I'm not complaining though, sex is fucking great.

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