Chapter 9

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Kellin's POV

Today we have a day off. We're in Florida and there are some pretty good clubs around here.

The guys already choose one for the night and Vic and I are going with them this time.

Right now I'm getting ready. I'm wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black Anthem Made shirt and my black TOMs. I look pretty good if I say so myself.

"Kellin are you ready? We're leaving!" Justin yelled from outside the door. I was on the bathroom finishing my hair.

"I'm coming! Just a sec!"

"Hurry up!" Jack yelled.

"I said I'm coming!" Geez, they're so impatient sometimes. I looked over myself one last time. "Perfect." I say to myself and went out of the bathroom.

"I'm ready, let's go." I said to the guys who were all there waiting for me.

"Finally! Let's go and have some drinks!" Justin said and we all headed to the PTV bus.

Gabe knocked at the door of their bus and Tony opened, "You guys ready to go?" He asked. Tony nodded and turned back at the bus to call the others.

They all came out and damn Vic was so hot tonight. He was wearing almost the same as me, black skinny jeans, a dark red shirt and black Vans.

"Hi babe." Vic said giving me a peck on the lips as he intertwined our hands together. I couldn't help but blush at his words. God I swear he's the best.

"Okay that's enough, c'mon you little lovebirds let's go get wasted!" Justin said. I stick out my tongue at him.

"LET'S GO!" Mike cheered and we all went to the cars we rented for the time we get to be here. 

The club was packed. There were a lot of people in here. The guys were into different places by now. Vic and I are at one of the booths and we already had some drinks, he's a little drunk. Me on the other hand I'm not drunk yet, I'm just starting to feel dizzy.

"Hey baby I need to piss, be right back okay?" Vic said in my ear. I nodded and he gave me one quick peck on the lips before standing up to go to the restrooms.


Vic has been in the restrooms for a while now and I'm starting to get worried. Something could have happened to him. He was a bit drunk, it'll be easy for someone to hurt him.

God Kellin stop it! Don't be ridiculous there are a lot of people in here and maybe he just got stuck on his way back don't be so paranoid.

But what if something's wrong? Fuck it! I'll go and see if he's okay.

I made my way to the restrooms and when I turned the hall I stop dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe my own eyes.

There was Vic and he... He was kissing... A girl. I feel tears flowing down my cheek. He was kissing someone else.

Vic was kissing someone else. And it wasn't just the fact he was kissing someone else that hurt so fucking much. It was the fact he was kissing a girl. A girl!

I couldn't believe it. Vic was there making out with some girl while I was waiting for him to come back.

I couldn't handle it any longer. I turned around and ran out there. I don't care if the guys see me. I just need to get the hell out of here.

As I was walking back to the venue, I couldn't help but cry the whole way there. I can't believe Vic did this to me. I feel betrayed. I feel like he used me. Is he even gay?

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