Chapter 21

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Kellin's POV

It has been about three weeks since our anniversary and things are going great so far.

Vic's been meeting up with the guys and their manager lately. They're already making plans about their next album.

I, on the other hand, have been kind of busy as well. The guys and I have been working in our next album for awhile now.

It's different now though because we usually work together, but they're all back in Michigan so yeah. I'm working on my own at the moment.

I've been thinking about bringing them here for a couple of days though. Vic and the guys are always working at the PTV studio and we have one here at the house so I think I can work in here with the guys while Vic's with the guys in the other one.

It'll be easier for me. I don't really want to leave Vic again and fly to Michigan and I'm pretty sure Vic wouldn't like that either.

Besides, I think it'll be great if the guys come here for awhile. They'll keep me company. I mean, we'll be working in the album too but we'll still have some time to hang out. I spend a lot of my time alone because, like I said, Vic's busy.

I don't blame him. I know he has work to do as do I. I don't mind spend some time alone, I actually like it but sometimes I miss the four idiots I used to live with.

Back at the SWS house, it was rare when we were by ourselves. There was always someone there. But if I have to be honest right now, I wouldn't change living with Vic for anything in the world. My life right now is perfect. I just miss the guys sometimes, that's all.

Vic left early this morning and I have nothing to do today so I was still in bed. Maybe I'll stay all day here and watch some movies or whatever I just don't feel like doing anything.

I'm starving though, my body needs food! But my favorite chef isn't here right now to cook something for me! I groaned knowing I'll have to get up and make myself something to eat. I got out of bed, put on my slippers and made my way to the kitchen.

On my way I thought what I wanted for breakfast so when I got there I knew exactly what I needed.

I decided I wanted pancakes. I took a bowl out from one of the counters and all the other ingredients required for my pancakes.

I used pancake mix and added the rest of the ingredients, I put some blueberries to the mix and mixed everything up.

I put a pan on the fire and started making my pancakes. I'm an okay cook, of course I'm not as good as Vic but I still can cook and my food isn't that bad. I'm kind of proud of myself to be honest.

While I was cooking I put some coffee in the coffee maker. I love coffee and it's always perfect in the mornings. I was finishing with the last pancake when the door bell rang. I put the pancake with the pile I had already done and turned the fire off.

I went to the front door. I have no idea of who could it be. It's early and I don't think it's Vic or the guys because they're working and Vic has his keys. I opened the door and standing there was Alysha, Mike's girlfriend.

"Hey Alysha." I greeted her. "Hey Kellin. Did I woke you up?" She asked. Her question confused me a bit and I think she noticed because she gestured to my clothes. I then remembered I was still on my pajamas.

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