Chapter 31

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Kellin's POV

I'm engaged. I'm an engaged man. I still can't believe it. Vic proposed and we're going to get married!

But you know what the best part of it all is? I'm going to marry the love of my life.

It's been a week since that beautiful picnic and a week since he proposed. We told the rest of Pierce and Vic's parents a couple of days after.

We invited them over to a barbecue and that's when we told everyone we were engaged.

Turns out Mike and Alysha already knew about it and let me tell you something, they're overjoyed with it, and so is everyone else.

I now understand why Alysha was constantly asking me about weddings and stuff. She knew all along and she was helping Vic with the proposal.

Now, we just need to tell my friends and my mom back in Michigan. We're going to bring them down to San Diego for a couple of days. Vic and I, think it's better to tell them the news in person and not over the phone or Skype.

And that's what brings us here. I'm currently in the office we have in our house booking a flight for the guys and my mom. I'll call them afterwards letting them all know they'll be coming here for a week, or maybe two. I don't know yet for how long I want them to stay.

There was a slight knock at the door before it opens revealing Vic behind it. He saw me in here and gave me a small smile. He stepped in closing the door behind him as makes his way to where I was.

"Whatcha doing babe?" He asked and gave my head a gentle kiss.

"I'm booking the flight for the guys and my mom." I said.

He took my hand and made me stood up from the chair I was sitting on. He sat on it instead pulling me to his lap.

"Have you called them yet?"

"Not yet. I'm going to call them after I have their flight booked. I don't want to give them the chance to make up any lame excuse saying they can't fly over."

Well now, I know the guys likes to visit and get together with everyone, but they also are lazy as fuck. Sometimes they just make up really lame excuses saying they can't do whatever they have to do just because they're too lazy to actually do it.

That's exactly why I won't let them make any excuse to not come here. I'll have everything ready. And as for my mom, I know she'll be thrilled to come and visit. She loves everyone here and I'm sure she'll be more than happy to see Alysha again. I swear she loves her more than she loves me and I'm actually her son, but whatever.

"How long do you think is good for them to stay?" I asked Vic.

"Hmm I think two weeks would be fine. It'll be worth the trip and we'll have more days to hang out with them." He said. I nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, okay. Two weeks it is then." I said.

I filled the last information needed for the flight and booked it for next Friday. Now I just need to call them and tell them the news.

"There. I'm done." I said.

"Finally." Vic said. I rolled my eyes. It didn't take me that long to finish.

"It didn't take that long." I rested my back on Vic's chest trying to get more comfortable in our current position.

"It was long enough." He said.

"Vic, I wasn't doing anything and we don't have anything to do either."

"We can always change that you know." He whispered seductively in my ear. His hot breath sending shivers down my spine.

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