Chapter 38

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Kellin's POV

For the last four months we've done nothing but work. We finally finished our new album and it's called 'Madness'. I'm very proud of us and our band, we did a wonderful job and I love this album a lot.

The only thing left to do is all the production and stuff like that, we already recorded it and so we decided we're going to release it in March next year. It'll be after Vic's and I's wedding.

As we both agreed, we'd start planning our wedding after we were done writing our albums. The wedding date is December 12th. And after a long conversation with Vic, he finally agreed on a beautiful location. The one I wanted if I must say. (A/N: can anyone guess where's the wedding gonna be?)

It's October now, so we have a good two months to sort everything we need.

We do have a lot of help though, Alysha and the girls are helping us planning everything, they're better than any wedding planner and we don't have to pay them, so that's a plus.

"Okay, I got some samples of wedding invitations to show you guys. Do you have a design that you want in mind?" Alysha asked. Me and Vic were currently in the living room of our house. Alysha had called us earlier today to let us know she'll come by and share all her ideas for our wedding. See, she's like an actual wedding planner. 

"Um, I haven't really thought about anything." I said.

"Yeah, me neither." Vic said next to me.

Alysha narrows her brows and is giving us her disapproving look. It's funny how everyone else seems to be more excited for this wedding than me and Vic. They take everything so seriously oh my god.

"Guys, you need to put effort to plan this wedding, it's your wedding after all. Have you notice the date we are in? We don't have much time to do everything we need."

"Damn Lysha, chill. We still have enough time." I said.

"Yeah, everything will be fine. Now, what do you say you show us what you said you have? It was wedding invitations, what else do you got?" Vic said calmly. Alysha shook her head sighing.

"Right. I have these samples of invitations, cake and bouquet." She said taking some pictures out of the backpack she brought along with her and handing them to us.

Wait a minute, did she just said bouquet?

"Alysha we don't need a bouquet." I said.

"Wow, fancy much?" Vic said looking at the pictures. I turned my head to see them and Vic was right. All the samples Alysha brought were super fancy. Like damn, this is nothing along the lines to a simple wedding.

"Oh c'mon you guys. You only get married once and besides, don't you want your wedding to be perfect and unforgettable?" She whined. "And yes Kellin, we do need a bouquet."

"No we don't. Alysha, I'm a guy, which means I don't wear a dress, so I clearly don't need a bouquet."

"Yes, you're a guy. So what? You could still wear a dress but I know you'll never agree to actually do it, but you can have a bouquet." She said.

Is she crazy? She's damn right I wouldn't wear a wedding dress! Yes, I can be feminine sometimes but I'm not a girl!

"But Kellin! It's just a bouquet. I'm not asking you to wear a dress and heels, just a bouquet." She whined. Oh my god, is she serious right now?

"She's right babe. If you have a bouquet it doesn't mean you're a girl, besides these are gorgeous." Vic said. I looked at him with a death stare.

"What?" He asked.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Babe, it's just flowers. I don't see what's the big deal. But it's up to you." He said like it was nothing, and well, I might be overreacting but I just don't want everyone to think I'm a fucking girl because I'm not.

"See, it's not a big deal Kellin! And you'll look adorable!" Alysha chimed in. I signed annoyingly giving in. When Alysha wants something it's very hard to make her change her mind, and Vic also thinks this is a good idea, I would have to deal with the both of them whining until I agree to do it, so why not just get it over with already?

"Fucking fine! I'm going to have a bouquet." I said making Alysha squeal. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest annoyed.

"Don't be grumpy Kells, I know deep down you love it." She said. I rolled my eyes again, she'll never hear me say that I love it, even if I do.

Vic's POV

I never thought planning the wedding would be this complicated, Jesus Christ, there's so much to do. From wedding invitations and tuxedos to the damn flowers and decorations.

I don't doubt it'll be beautiful and perfect because knowing Kellin and Alysha, they'll never choose anything if it's not pretty. They're so alike, they could be twins, so yeah. 

But you know what something I love the most out of this? Kellin's enthusiasm. He's clearly excited and planning his wedding it's something that makes him really happy. You can see it by just looking at him, he's radiant and there's nothing that makes happier than to see him happy.

At first, he was adamant to some of Alysha's ideas because he wanted a simple wedding. But as the time went on, he started to agree with her and now they're crazy with the planning. He's doing everything with the girls help, they would ask for my opinion of course, but I'm letting Kellin do everything he wants, I want him to have his dream wedding.

I have my fair amount of stuff to care about though, like how the hell are we going to transport our guests to the location Kellin chose?

I have to admit I was a little taken aback when he told me where he wanted the wedding to be, but I as I thought more about it, it seemed like a good idea because we could stay longer and spend our honey moon there as well. It's a beautiful place after all.

I just can't wait to be done with all of this and to finally be able to call Kellin my husband

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