- Chapter 24: Five cubs and a surprise -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

Over the next three hours slow labour turned into full blown labour and my god seeing Alice be in pain is the most heartbreaking thing i will ever witness because all i want to do is take all that pain from her so she can enjoy this experience without nearly ripping my arm out due to the pain. Alice is now in Carlisle's office laying on the hospital bed with a gown on because it's now the part of where Alice needs to push and this is where the high risk comes into play. This is the bit i'm dreading, bear shape-shifter's being born are bigger then normal human babies so she could tear or the cubs could get stuck which is why Carlisle is ready to preform a emergency c-section if the worst of the worst happens.

Alice starts to push with my arm under her leg helping her keep it up while feeling like my heart is about to bust out my chest with how anxious i am about this how situation. My whole life is going to change when my first cub makes it into this crazy supernatural world and i can't wait for that next chapter in my life to start woth Alice beside me. All i can do right now is be here for Alice and help her through this untill our last cub is born then we can both cry while we hold our cubs in our arms. That's all i want right now is to be layed beside Alice as we both hold our cubs in our arms while telling everyone their names and genders.

In a blink of an eye everything i changes because i'm suddenly being pull away from Alice and out of the room by dad while Esme and Jasper run into the room with worry in their eyes. I try to get out of dad's grip but he just holds me tighter and makes me face away from the room with tears in his eyes and seeing him like that makes me realise something is wrong, very wrong. My knees buckle under my weight and i fall to my knees as tears roll down my cheeks, dad kneels beside me and hugs me to his side trying to comfort me but that does nothing.

Then i hear it, i hear one of my cub's first cries and hearing that cry sends my inner bear into protective mode wanting to make sure our first cub is safe and in our arms away from danger. I push my inner bear into the back of my head knowing damn well that our first cub and other cubs are perfectly safe on Carlisle, Esme and Jasper's care. It wasn't long till i hear cry after cry and i honestly lost count of how many crys i heard because some of the cubs continued to cry. Hearing them cry out made some of that worry leaves my body but some of it stays because i don't know about Alice's condition, i so desperately want to know how she is and how our cubs are and i know i have to wait for that.

"Wait? Ace do you hear that?" Dad suddenly asked in shock and that's when i hear a sixth cry

"What th- Carlisle did say five right?" I asked in shock still kneeled on the floor

"Yes he did say five but it looks like the sixth cub's twin wanted to hide them from the ultrasound" Jasper said walking out the room and the first thing i saw was the blood on his shirt

"The first cub got their shoulder stuck so Carlisle had to preform a emergency c-section. All six cubs are very healthly and Alice is perfectly fine, she's just getting stitched up then you can go back in" He said softly

"They're all okay? I have six cubs not five?" I asked in shock

"Perfectly okay and yes Ace, you have six very healthy cub's" He said with a smile

"Congratulations cub! You're a dad to six cubs, your a papa bear!" Dad said happily from beside me

"Ace, you can come in now" Esme said loudly from the office

I stand up and run back into the room as fast as my shaking legs can carry me and what i see when i walk through the door melted my heart. There is my Alice in the middle of the bed holding three cubs with three laying on the bed inbetween her legs. The three cubs that she is holding have blue knitted hats on their little heads and the other three cub's that are on the bed are wearing light pink hats. I have three son's and three daughters who i'm going to protect till my last breath and I'm definitely teaching my son's how to protect their sister's.

"Cub's meet your papa bear who is going to be very emotional so bare with him okay" Alice said softly

"Love, your okay and our cub's are okay" I said in shock

"Yes we are okay you silly goose, now come over here and meet your cubs" She said happily and i rushed to her side not wanting to keep my cub's or mate waiting

"Hi my sweet cubs, i'm your papa bear" I said softly kneeling down next to the bed

"Do you want to hold our first cub, our little trouble maker" Alice asked smiling like she won the lottery

"I would love to hold the little trouble maker" I said standing up

"Here, let me help you dear" Esme said appearing at the other side of the bed

Esme carefully takes the middle cub out Alice's arms and walks around the bed at human speed which i'm thankful for seeing as she is holding one of my cubs. Then she gently places them in my arms and my heart melts again when i see my first born cub open their eyes and look up at me in wonder.

"Hello little one" I said with tears in my eyes


A/n: I'm going to cry! This story is nearly completed!🥺😭

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A/n: I'm going to cry! This story is nearly completed!🥺😭

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