- Chapter 22: Family help each other -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

I run back to Alice who is thankfully still laying down on the couch, i pick her up then lay down on the couch and place her on me so her back is against my chest. Everyone else walks in and spreads around the livingroom doing their own thing and well Rosalie leans against the wall sulking like a child. I still have the strong urge to rip her head of her shoulders and play football with it but Alice is my number one priority right now especially when she's cold. Suddenly Rosalie vamp speeds over and takes Alice out my arms then lays Alice dowe on the other couch with a head under her pillow and a thick blanket tucked around her.

"What. The. Fuck. Did. You. Just. Do" I snapped out

"You can't warm her up like that, she needs to be covered up and comfortable!" She snapped

"Emmett take Rosalie to Isle Esme and keep her there till she understands that this is Alice and Ace's pregnancy not her's, She can't keep pushing her way in when this pregnancy is already high risk we don't want stress to add to that risk" Carlisle saidmd sounding angry

"No you can't be serious! I don't want to leave when Alice and the babies need me!" Rosalie said angrily

"Alice and the cubs don't need you Rosalie, they have Ace who is doing a pretty good jobs as it is" Jasper said with eyes that are starting to turn black

"Emmett do it now, This is not good for Alce and it's definitely not good for Alice" Esme warned

"Ace, cuddles?" Alice said cutely and it melted my heart

"Yes love" I said climbing of the couch then rushed over to her and held her like i did before Rosalie moved her off me

"EMMETT GET YOUR HANDS OF MEE! THISE BABIES NEED ME!" Rosalie yelled making Alice flinch in my arms

"My cubs do not need you, they just need me to be relaxed and you pushing your jealous ass into this pregnancy is not helping me relax" Alice said with a low hiss as she cuddles into my chest

"Ace, Alice i'm so sorry for Rosalie's behaviour. I will bring her back once she gets herself in check" Emmett said holding a struggling Rosalie over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes

"It's not your fault man, just keep your jealous crazy mate away from us till she sorts herself out because i don't want my cubs around her when she is like this" I said nodding my head at him

"Bye everyone, make sure those cubs come into the crazy world safely and happy" He said then in a blink of an eye he is gone

"No she's gone is anyone hungry?" Esme asked softly

"Yes but let me help you cook seeing as you have cooked for us every single time" Dad said politely

"I would be love your company, maybe we can come up with a idea for a cooking router so we can take turns" She said happily

"Then let's go" He said walking over to her with Jasper who looks like a live sick puppy behind him

"Ace, we are going to have five pups" Alice said now sounding very happy

"Yes, we are love and all five of them are going to be loved alot" I said happily

"We need to sort a nursery" She said softly

"I can help with that, i have heard your thoughts so i can go and pick up everything you want now if you want" Edward said with a small smile

"Thank you Edward, only if you don't mind doing that of course" I said smirking

"Oh i want too because i want the cubs to only have the best" He said softly

"Don't get to many things because we don't know how fast they will grow due to them being a hybrid" Carlisle said thoughtfully

"Furniture it is then" He said nodding his head

"Thank you for doing this man" I said politely

"No problem Ace, we are family now and family helps each other in anyway they can" He said with a small smile then in a blink of an eye he was gone faster then Emmett

"He's the fastest in the family" Alice suddenly said making me nod

"Alice do you think you can try to drink some human blood now?" Carlisle asked softly like he is scared of her reaction

"Yes please but not alot, i don't want to loose control" She said timidly only for him to dissappear

"You won't loose control because you will have me with you plus you know the cub's need that blood more then you so you won't loose control when your instincts are telling you to drink for our cubs" I said rubbing her back softly

"Just be ready incase i try to run" She said sounding scared

"I will always be ready for you love" I said

"Now you have to drink it slow due to you not having any before, take it nice and easy for me" Carlisle said appearing out of nowhere holding a small cup with a straw in it

"Nice and slow, i can do that" She said nodding her head

She takes the cup off Carlisle without lifting her head of my chest then takes a slow sip of the blood and i know when the blood hits her tounge because she tenses up but in seconds she relaxes against me with a moan. I kiss her forehead and wrap my arms around her carefully not wanting to interrupt her feeding then i watch her take one slow sip after the other in fascination at how easy it looks. Within minutes the cup is empty and she is cuddled back into my chest looking more relaxed then she did before which makes me very happy because she shouldn't be stressing right now. I kiss her forehead one last time then lean my head back on the arm of the couch and close my eyes hoping i will be able to have a quick nap before Alice's cravings kick in again.



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