- Chapter 21: Ace don't! -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

When Carlisle has finished doing all the necessary checks i scoop Alice up in the arms and take her to the livingroom where i lay her down on the couch ignoring her protests about not wanting to lay down. I place a pillow under her head and drap a blanket over her legs to keep her warm because Emmett keeps accidentally leaving the balcony doors wide open. Suddenly Rosalie walks over with a different pillow and starts talking about how the pillow she is will be better for Alice which get's a loud growl from me because who the hell does she think she is telling me what's best for my mate wheni already know what is good for Alice!.

"Rosalie back off!" I snarl angrily

"No, Alice needs this pillow it's softer and has lavender spray on it to relax her!" She hisses at me

"Ace got me a special pregnancy pillow with freshly made lavender spray on it Rosalie, so do what my mate says and back the hell off!!" Alice said just as angrily as me or maybe a tad more

"I just want to help Alice" She said trying to be innocent

"No your not, your trying to push your way in, to out do me and over my dead body will you take over caring for my mate and cub's because that's my fucking job!" I said feeling my inner bear come to the surface

"Rosalie you need to back away from them both right now" Dad said looking at me with slight fear in his eyes

"NO! He doesn't know what Alice needs because he's a man!" She snapped out and tried to push me out the way but that failed

"That's fucking it!" I roared out letting my inner bear take share control with me

"Ace don't!" Alice said in worry

I ignored my mate which sent a pain through my heart because i could feel her worry through our bond but right now i'm going to dral with Rosalie since she has gone to far and didn't listen to me. I grab Rosalie's throat tightly with one hand making her porcelain skin crack and placed my other hand over Alice's baby bump to help keep my grounded so i don't loose control. But what she said next made that little bit of control i had snap and i had to step away from Alice so i wouldn't hurt her or the cub's.

"See this, this is why your never going to be a good father or a mate" She said and i let out a load growl, that loud it made the Cullen house shake.

"Oh shit-"

Dad didn't get a chance to finish because i threw Rosalie out the balcony doors with the hand i had around her throat then i jump out the same balcony doors right behind her because she is going to wish she never said that to me. When i land on ground next to Rosalie i lift her up by her shirt bring her up so we are face to face then i headbutt her with all my extra strength making her fly backwards from the impact. Suddenly there is my dad in bear form infront of me standing tall with a stern look in his eye's but he isn't going to stop me from beating that blonde bitch because of what she said about me being not being a good mate or father.

I growl lowly at him in warning hoping to go he listens to it and thankfully he does with a look of concern in his eyes but i just smirk at him as i walk around him with one thought on my mind and that's to teach Rosalie a lesson. I follow the destruction that was made by Rosalie due to my headbutt and find her in a heap infront of a big tree, her skin is cracked and her arm is at a odd angle but do i care?, Not at all. I grab her shirt and pin her high up against the tree then i punch her atleast three times straight in tbe face which practically caved in from the force of my punches. Once i finish i drop her to the floor and place my foot on her throat causing her throat to crack more and i know if i squeeze harder her head will pop clean off.

"You dare say that i won't be a good father or a good mate when all i do is live and breath for Alice and my cubs. You are just jealous because Alice is pregnant and not you but i will not stand by and let you tell me what is best for my mate when i already know what is best!. There are supernatural kids out there who have no-one and who need a family, why don't you get your head out your own ass and adopt one. You can be the mother you so desperately want to be and those kids who have nothing can have parents all without the threat of the volturi ruining it!" I said coldly

"Ace is right Rosalie, there are children in a supernatural orphanage in volterra filled with over a hundred supernatural children and if you adopt from there we will not intervene" Aro said internally shocking the hell out of me because i didn't know he was still here

"Just stay the hell away from me, Alice and our cubs from now on because i don't want you pushing your way in when this is mine and Alice's pregnancy not yours!" I snap angrily

"Baby, i'm cold" Alice yelled from inside the house and i dropped Rosalie straight away

"I'm coming love, just for god sake don't get of thay couch!" I said loudly not wanting to yell

"See, you said he's never going to be a good mate or father" Emmett said then turned his back on Rosalie


"No don't Emmett me, you just had to cross the line that no-one should every cross in the supernatural world and now you are paying the price on your own" He said then walks away.



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