- Chapter 12: The king's -

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- Ace's Pov -

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- Ace's Pov -

A commotion coming from downstairs wakes me up and it makes me wish i was in my own home with Alice because waking up like this wouldn't have happened but Alice had to practically beg me last night to stay at her families house so Carlisle could keep an eye on my enhanced healing to make sure i'm healing correctly. I hear the shouting get louder and i think my little pixie is ripping into Emmett some more after yesterday's incident but she shouldn't because it was a accident then i hear three unfamiliar voices talk with Alice and hearing those unfamiliar voices makes my inner bear roar wanting me to protect our mate. I jump out of the bed mentally thanking my enhanced healing because my ribs have healed and are now only achy then i run downstairs straight into the livingroom only to see my pixie face to face with a small blonde female vampire who is snarling at my mate. Seeing that made my protective instincts take over and before i could even warn anyone i ran over to Alice and pushed her behind me so i'm face to face with that bitch vampire instead of my sweet little Alice then i let out a loud warning growl that makes the vampire back away with wide eyes.

"Cub calm down, these vampire's are the king's and the four trusted guards" Dad said calmly

"She better not snarl at my Alice again because if she does she will loose her head!" I snarl out completely angry

"Won't happen again" The female blonde haired vampire said sounding fearful

"Dad i thought that they were coming here to deal with Isabella not come here to try to fight" I said coldly

"Jane there said something that Alice didn't agree with and that turned into the snarling match you walked in on" He said waving his hand around

"What did she say love?" I asked Alice

"She said "that of course they would have to come here to help seeing as you and Charlie are stupid humans that couldn't hurt a fly and that you should both be drained dry because you know about our existence" She said fiddling with her finger's

"Me and dad could have handled it perfectly but it was Carlisle's decision to contact you! We can hurt more then a fly do you want to be proof of that! Come near me or my dad to drink us dry and you will not only loose a head but you will be turned to ash!" I said angrily at the blonde haired vampire with a low snarl

"Ace, i can assure you that Jane there will not be draining anyone dry seeing as me and my brother's are old friends of your father's" A black haired vampire said sounding honest

"Who are you and your brother's?" I asked raising an eyebrow while still standing infront of Alice

"I'm Aro, this is Caius, that's Marcus and those are our guards Felix, Demetri, Alec and Jane" He said pointing at the other's

"Nice to meet you but it will be nicer if Jane stays away from me and my mate for a while" I said finally pulling my protective instincts back

"We understand, Jane stand beside Alec and stay there" Caius ordered sounding not happy at all

"No back to the topic at hand, there is only one thing we can do to Isabella to stop her from telling people about our existence and we will be happy to do that, we just need your permission to go ahead with that" Aro said sounding alittle excited

"Go for it, i don't care aslong as my cub is kept out of it" Dad said firmly

"We will be sure to keep everything away from this coven, you and Ace" Marcus said just as firmly

"Then do what you have to do!" I said as i strong ache travelled through my chest

"Ace you need to sit down your body is still adjusting to it's rapid healing" Carlisle said urgently

"I'm fine Carlisle, it's nothing i can't handle" I said dismissively

"Cub sit your ass down" Dad said sternly

"Damn it, papa bear came out to play" I said jokingly as i walked over to the couch pulling Alice along behind me

"Thos papa bear is going to give you a ass whooping if you don't hurry up and sit down" He said glaring at me

"Okay, Okay old man i'm sitting" I said sitting down on the couch then pulled Alice down onto my lap

"Right now i have your permission Demetri and Felix will go to phoenix to pick Isabella up then they will take her to a disclosed location where we will proceed with the thing" Aro said happily

"Demetri, Felix go now and remember stick to the shadows" Caius said with a warning tone

"Of course master" They both said then disappeared

"What about us master's, what do you want us to do?" Jane asked curiously

"To stay with us here till we get word that Demetri and Felix are at the disclosed location" Marcus said nodding at them

"Ace, Charlie what would you like for breakfast?" Esme suddenly asked making dad laugh

"We are shape-shifter's Esme so we will each anything and everything you put infront of us but could you make whatever you cook a big portion we eat quite alit especially around this time of year due to normal bears getting ready for hibernation" Dad said politely

"Oh you just had to say that now she's going to cook up a feast" Jasper said amusingly

"We wouldn't mind that would we cub" Dad asked smirking at me

"I won't mind aslong as Esme truly doesn't mind cooking for our big appetite" I said looking at Esme

"I don't mind at all Ace, you and Charlie are family now and we talk care of our family" She said softly



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