- Chapter 3: Ment to be together -

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- Alice's Pov -

I watch my mate who is sat right infront of me talking to my family in our home, after year's and year's he is finally here infront of me and i didn't even have one vision about his arrival and to top it off my family attacked him. I can't keep my eyes of him because he just looks so damn good right now, that good i'm practically drooling over his body and his tattoo's which is making it harder for me to look away. He has this aura that makes me just want to drop to my knees so he can do whatever he wants to do with me and to be honest that doesn't sound bad at all especially if i would see what lays beneath those low hanging joggers he has on! Due to all these thoughts i have no idea what he is talking about but i do know whatever he is saying is making Edward angry and i'm trying with all my will power not to laugh at Edward's face right now because it's comical!.

"Thank you for you hospitality but i have to leave to meet with Bella now she is finished school" He said bringing me out my thoughts

"Do you reallyyyyy have to leave" I said then pout

"Don't pout baby because i want you to come with me so we can tell dad about us being mates" He said smirking at me

"Charlie knows! You have put your father in danger telling him about yourself and us!" Edward snapped out

"For god sake you really are stupid, if i'm a bear shape-shifter which is passed down through genetics then who else is a bear shape-shifter?" Ace said and asked everyone in the room while glaring at Edward

"Charlie is a bear shape-shifter!?" Rosalie said in shock

"Yep! He is the one that told me about you guys and everything that motherfucker did to Bella, plus our supernatural species is protected by law so the volturi can do absolutely nothing to me and dad" He said smirking

"They can hurt you?" I asked curiously

"No baby girl they can't because if they do hurt me or my dad they will be breaking one of their own laws, now do you want to come with me?" He said and asked while looking me dead in the eyes and when he called me baby girl i had to squeeze my legs together

"Y-yes i'll go with you" I stutter with a big smile

"Great then let's go because if i keep Bella waiting she will have a hissy fit and boy that won't be pretty" He said amusingly

Ace stands up then walks over to me and picks me up bridle style making me squeal in shock and for Edward starts to complain about how it should be him going with Ace not me. That is soon stopped by Ace growling at Edward as he holds me tighter to his chest while glaring at Edward that's when i know Ace is going to be extremely protective over me. He once again says goodbye to everyone then runs out the house with me still in his arm's and i hear Edward start with his complaining again as Ace runs, he isn't running as fast as i do but it's still unhumanly fast. The run wasn't long and soon enough Ace is walking towards the swan residence front door only for it to be thrown open by Charlie who is looking worried but when he sees Ace the worry washes away.

"Hey sorry i'm late dad, i went for a run and ended up finding my mate" Ace said looking down at me smiling softly

"Well welcome to the family Alice and Ace for the love of god go and put a shirt on you know Bella will have a heartattack" Charlie said amusingly

"She will just have to suck it up because i am not putting my mate down" Ace said firmly

"Babe you are only going to leave me for a few seconds" I said holding back a giggle because of his possessiveness

"Nope not happening, dad can you get me one of my shirts from the attic?" Ace asked holding me impossibly tight and i know if i was human it would have hurt

"Fine! Damn you and your possessiveness, just get inside so the neighbours can stop gawking at you son" Charlie said looking around at the neighbours watching from their front doors

"They can gawk all they want because i have my girl who means everything to me" He said then kissed my forehead

"Babe let's go inside, you did say if your late Bella will have a hissy fit yet your still stood outside" I said softly

"Your right my love" He said then walked into the house and Charlie mutters whipped at him

"Little sister i'm here" Ace said loudly as he stepped into the livingroom where i see Bella sat on the couch

"Alice!? What are you doing here and why is Ace holding you? Ace put her down you big idiot" She asked confused

"No can do Bells and my girl is here in my arms because i want her here" Ace said firmly

"It's fine Bella, you will understand and know in time" I said softly

"Ace sit down and put this on, Bella looks like she is about to have a hissy fit" Charlie said standing next to Ace passing him a shirt which i take

I take the shirt of Charlie with a small thank you just as Ace walks over to the couch and sits down placing me in his lap then puts on the shirt without any difficulties. I see Bella roll her eyes at Ace making me frown and i have no idea what her problem is but i have a feeling she isn't going to be very accepting of mine and Ace's relationship but she will in the end.

"How is Alice your girl, you haven't been here for two years?" She asked and i feel Ace tense up under me

"We have been having a long distance relationship Bella, i met Ace at the hospital after your accident we instantly clicked and started talking which ended up in us being in a relationship" I said knowing Ace doesn't want Bella to know about him

"But i'm with Edward who is Alice's brother" Bella said glaring at Ace

"Adopted brother they are no relation amd to be honest my love life has nothing to do with you Bella and both our parents approves so that's all that matters" Ace said angrily

"No! You two can't be together! I'm the one that's supposed to be with the Cullen family not you!" Bella whined out sounding like a child, why the hell am i friends with her again?

"Dad i'm sorry but i'm going to go home and i'm taking Alice with me because i am not staying here while Bella is being like this" Ace said angrily

"Go son, i will deal with Bella" Charlie said glaring at Bella

"I want to say this and i will only say it once, Bella i'm not going to be friends with you if you carry on trying to break me and Ace apart when we are ment to be together" I said sadly

"But Alice-"

"No buts Bella none of us tried to keep you and Edward apart so don't do this to me and Ace" I said getting angry



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