- Chapter 23: It's been six week's -

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- Ace's Pov -

It's officially been six week's which means Alice could go into labour anytime over the next few weeks and my inner bear is on edge all the time wanting the cub's to be born quickly so he knows their okay and i agree with mt bear on that one. The longer she stays pregnant over the next few weeks the greater the risk during labour and just that my thought alone has my heart beat faster then it has ever been before. I cant stand the thought of loosing Alice or our cubs because they all mean the world to me and a world without them isn't worth living, i wish to whatever god is listening that Alice and our cubs will survive this. Especially after what happened this morning which has led to Alice now being checked by Carlisle, my worry has grown ten times more then i have been for the past six weeks.

I snap out my thoughts when i see Jasper and walk into the livingroom looking at me with eye full of concern but i can't find it in myself to reassure them that i'm okay because i'm definitely not okay thanks to my body filled with worry. They sit either side of me and place one of their hands on my shoulders offering me some comfort which actually works just a little but the worry is still radiating all over my body.

"Carlisle is still checking her over, he thinks one of the cub's kicked her to hard and broke a couple of her ribs" Dad said sadly

"I heard them snap dad, she was asleep in my arms with my hand on her stomach when i felt one of them kick her that's when she woke up screaming in pain" I said placing my head in my hands

"Cub, we know something would happen due to the pregnancy being high risk. We just have to cross our finger's that she will go into labour soon" Dad said softly

"I can't loose them dad, i can't" I said feeling tears gather in my eyes

"Ace Asher Swan you won't loose me or our cub's because the cub's have decided they want to be in our arms sooner then we thought" Alice said being carried into the livingroom by Carlisle

"What do you mean?" I asked forcing away my tears to focus on my baby girl

"She's in labour Ace but it's slow so every needs to help keep everything calm and relaxing till the cub's are born" Carlisle said giving everyone a pointed look as i layed Alice down on the couch opposite me

"Lavender and lots of it" Dad blurts out

"Edward can you join me to the grocery store to collect anything that has lavender in it or on it?" Esme asked looking at Alice worriedly

"Yes, let's go" He said running into the room then they both disappear

"I need to get my office ready because I'm going to need five lots of baby supplies" Carlisle said with a reassuring smile

"Me and your dad will stay here, we will get you both anything you need so you won't have to be leave each other" Jasper said small smile on his face

"Love, do you want to cuddle?" I asked worriedly

"Yes please" She said with tears in her eyes as she wraps her arm around her very round baby bump

"Go cub, the physical contact will help keep the cubs calm and will relax Alice" Dad said softly

I jump off the couch and rush to her side then i carefully move her so that i'm laying on the couch with her laying ontop of me on her side which is the only position she can lay in due to her baby bump. Once she is comfortable i start to rub her lower back with one hand and place my other hand on her baby bump to hopefully keep the cubs calm because i don't want them to break anymore ribs. Suddenly Alice whimpers and wraps one of her arms aroumd her stomach with tears in her eyes and seeing her like that makes me panic until i realise that she is having her first contractions.

"Love your having your first contraction, take a deep breath then copy my breathing. You can do this love because your one strong fierce vampire that will soon be one strong fierce mama vampire" I said softly rubbing my hand up and down her back

"Hurts" She whimpers

"I know love but when you are holding our cubs in your arms, you will think all the pain was worth it" I said then kiss her forehead

"Their coming" She said sounding alittle happier but also still in pain

"I know love and when they're here we will give them loads of hugs and kisses" I said rubbing her baby bump to ease the pain

"What are we going to name them?" She asked thoughtfully as the contraction passed making me smile

"Well i like names begin with A since both out names start with it" I said softly

"How about Annabelle, Aurora, Aria, Amilia and Ava for if any of the cubs are girls" She said looking up at me with innocent eyes

"I like those names but i really like Aurora, Ava and Amilia" I said smiling

"Then Archie, Alexander, Alfie, Austin and Ari for if we have boys" She said thoughtfully

"Those are easy for me because i always pictured my future sons being called Alfie, Austin, Alexander" I said smirking

"So that's six names you have thought off now we just have to wait to see what gender the cubs are when they are born" Dad said smiling with pride in his eyes

"Which won't be long now" Carlisle said walking back into the livingroom with a cup of blood in his hand

"Really Carlisle" I said glaring at the cup of blood

"She needs it to keep her strengh up Ace" He said firmly

"Ace calm down, if the blood gives me a chance to give birth without troubles then i'm drinking it" Alice said while glaring at me

"Okay love but your not moving off me" I said firmly

"Fineeeee" She whines out then kisses my cheek.



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